Constant Handicap Parking Offenders

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I work for a busy small business which shares a small parking lot with an even busier small business. Our parking lot has one handicap space and an adjacent blue striped loading/unloading 'space' for vehicles parked in the handicap space that need additional surface on the side. Every single day, many vehicles park unlawfully in this space. While I do my best to approach people who park unlawfully, especially in the spot that is not even a legal parking space but a loading zone, I am not able to be a parking security guard in addition to doing my job. We have a large number of elderly and disabled customers and it bothers me to no end that people are too inpatient/lazy to wait for a legal spot or find street parking and walk over. It doesn't seem reasonable or possible to call a tow company or police constantly to fix this problem. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to better monitor the lot?

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Davidb Aug 02, 2017 10:03 PM
Constant Handicap Parking Offenders

Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that Handicap Parking Spaces are for people with disabilities who are DRIVING. Anyone else, who happens to have access to a placard or vehicle with a Disabled plate does not qualify! One cure for this problem would be to do away with the anonymous Placards
and Disabled plates, and require the use and display of a Disabled Picture ID. No match of face and photo or no ID displayed and it's Ticket Time! The ID I have in mind would not include any personal
identification other than the photo and a unique code number. That and tighter control of who gets and retains such identification would, in my opinion, be a strong deterrent to the abuses we see daily.

Giggles Jul 30, 2017 11:43 AM
Constant Handicap Parking Offenders

Hey Rex---I am glad you brought up the issue that not all handicapped people have an issue which is outwardly seen. I have a placard for a lung disease that I have struggled with since the age of 4. I only use that spot when there are no other spots and my destination is further than I feel I can walk without aggravating my illness. I have had NUMEROUS people approach me asking me why a healthy woman such as myself would be using that spot. I can see their point however, I don't necessarily feel the need to disclose my personal medical history to a complete stranger either. When I am approached like that, I typically will pull out my placard registration with my DL and PROVE to them that it is legit. But I hear you with your aggravation towards those "other" drivers. And being the Scorpios that we are, when we see wrong, we want to confront it! Rock on Rex!

Flicka Jul 30, 2017 09:24 AM
Constant Handicap Parking Offenders

Once when I was driving an elderly lady I took her handicapped card down (not supposed to drive around with it on the mirror) when we were ready to leave and a cop was writing us a ticket. We were in the car, he could have checked us and seen a little old white haired woman who had a valid placard. I think if you notify the police and ask them to cruise through your parking lot occasionally it might help. Getting rid of the parking spots is no solution. How could alternate transportation help people who have a car and are fully capable of driving? It would be a pain in the neck!

Davidb Jul 29, 2017 04:42 PM
Constant Handicap Parking Offenders

This is a problem. You could try making up your own "Parking Ticket" to let the driver know that their indiscretion has been noticed. You could also take a picture of the car (showing the license plate) and forward it to the police. Don't know if they would do anything, though.
On the other side of the coin, a bigger problem (IMHO) is abuse of the handicap parking privilege. Some doctors hand out the placards like candy - and often a perfectly healthy person is seen parking a placarded car in a handicap spot. A former coworker of mine drove a placarded vehicle - but was certified to climb towers! Go figure. If it were up to me I would abolish the entire program - and find some other way to provide transportation assistance to those who truly need it!

REX OF SB Jul 30, 2017 11:12 AM
Constant Handicap Parking Offenders

The problem is, you can't always tell if someone is handicapped just by looking at them. That lady in the tennis outfit may have a potentially fatal cardiopulmonary issue. The young man who looks to be the picture of health could be an amputee.

When my mom was 80, her doctor said he'd be glad to write her a scrip for a handicap placard, just because of her advanced years.

"Absolutely not," she said. "There are genuinely handicapped people who NEED those parking spaces."

And this is why I've actually had screaming matches with non handicapped people who persist in using those spaces illegally. There is nothing like a loud display of public humiliation in a busy supermarket parking lot to get one's point across.

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