City of Santa Barbara Launches Electric Vehicle Rebate Program

Santa Barbara Clean Energy Customers eligible for rebate up to $1,000

Santa Barbara Clean Energy, the City’s program that supplies 100% carbon-free electricity to local homes and businesses, is announcing a cash rebate for City of Santa Barbara residents who purchase or lease a qualified electric vehicle (EV). This incentive is available now until the program funds are exhausted.

Santa Barbara Clean Energy is offering an EV rebate of $1,000 for all City residents who are enrolled as Santa Barbara Clean Energy customers. Customers who are currently enrolled in the CARE program or other income-qualified programs are eligible for a $2,000 rebate.

“This new incentive through Santa Barbara Clean Energy will help reduce the costs of purchasing or leasing electric vehicles and move towards the City’s goals of electrification and carbon neutrality,” said Alelia Parenteau, the City’s Sustainability & Resilience Director and the Director of Santa Barbara Clean Energy. “By coupling this incentive with the federal tax credit of up to $7,500, getting an EV has become a great deal.”

City of Santa Barbara residents interested in this rebate can learn more at or by calling (805) 538-1810. Those interested in the EV rebate program should confirm their eligibility on the website or by calling the number above. This rebate only applies to electric vehicles with an MSRP less than $80,000. Customers will receive their rebate within 45 days of submitting a completed application and proof of purchasing the vehicle.

The new EV rebate coincides with the City’s recent launch of on-demand permitting for EV chargers, meaning that residents can now get permits for an EV charger instantly through a simple, streamlined online process.

About Santa Barbara Clean Energy:

Santa Barbara Clean Energy, launched in 2021, is the City run, locally controlled electricity supplier offering Santa Barbara residents 100% carbon-free electricity and incentives such as EV rebates, reduced-cost electric bike memberships, and discounts on solar and battery storage programs. Learn more at or by calling (805) 897-1979. 

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    • Whatever you want to call the fee, it is additional to my usage cost
      I’m a single person in a one bedroom apt and shouldn’t be paying $150 a month for electricity
      Especially if a full third of that is going to subsidize an agenda I’m not supportive of
      It’s a scam that many ignorant people are guilted into by greedy fear mongers like musk
      Because of him, i can’t even find rechargeable lithium batteries for my personal use anymore cuz he’s taking all the lithium for these fkn cars
      It’s a greedy scam
      Don’t even get me started bro

      • Whatever you want to call the fee, it is additional to my usage cost
        I’m a single person in a one bedroom apt and shouldn’t be paying $150 a month for electricity

        I absolutely agree that these flat-rate fees, independent of usage, are KILLIN’ me! Goleta Water District is the same! I use barely any water, and my monthly charge to “meter read” is 3-4 times the cost of my usage! This is just plain wrong, and like the other poster noted, is a DISincentive to conservation of ANYTHING.

  1. Soooo
    Lemme see if i got this right
    The 50 plus dollars a month i pay, on top of my sce bill, is being given away to prius and tesla buyers
    And we don’t have any say in this, or any way to regulate this spending of the “delivery fee” we pay, that should be going into our power infrastructure or into helping people that can’t even afford to pay this exorbitant fee
    Did i get this right ?

  2. This is a dirty trick. Here’s what will really happen. You will get your rebate in the mail. However the city will reassess your property for adding the electrical work and improvements to your home
    And tax you more per year on your property tax due to the improvement, thus making all of their rebate back and some more. You’d be better off to not get the rebate, install the electrical necessary and not claim the rebate so your property value doesn’t increase and you pay some crazy higher tax due to some little tiny improvement. It’s a trick, don’t do it.

  3. The Re-distribution of taxpayers funds to subsidize the rich… Oh, and you WILL pay more starting Jan. 2024 for your Electric Bill (Minimum $40.00 a month per user across the State) to subsidize MORE of the GREEN AGENDA being forced upon us.

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