City Connection: Santa Barbara City's New Video Series

City Connection: Santa Barbara City's New Video Series title=
City Connection: Santa Barbara City's New Video Series
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By the City of Santa Barbara

With a continued focus on improving communication, prioritizing transparency, and modernizing its approach to connecting and relaying information, the City has launched a new, social-media friendly video series called “City Connection.” 

Produced by the City’s video production department, CityTV, the new video series is a quick, fresh look at what’s happening in the City. The goal is to produce this fast-paced, news-format show with a host, on a frequent basis. This new format will replace the news-magazine style show, “Inside Santa Barbara.”

Over the summer the City launched a redesigned website with a modern look that focuses on inclusivity, accessibility and searchability, to reach an even broader community audience. “City Connection” is an exciting complement to that effort.

Through CityTV, the City’s mission has always been to provide greater government accessibility by producing and distributing information about its services, policies, programs, resources, and events, via cable television and the Internet, to Santa Barbara residents. With “City Connection,” City staff is able to lean in and utilize social media and cable television to keep the community informed and connected in a refreshed and modern way.

Watch the first episode of “City Connection” here

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edney Sep 25, 2022 09:40 PM
City Connection: Santa Barbara City's New Video Series

It is much more likely that two of you prefer a bitter, divisive discussion rather than endure any criticism to favored politicians. When speaking to reality how does anyone know for a fact who in the video has, or has not been, to Bellosguardo?

ChillinGrillin Sep 25, 2022 08:51 PM
City Connection: Santa Barbara City's New Video Series

Is Bellosguardo being mismanaged? Yes. Is it the City's fault? No, they have no control over it. If anyone is to blame, it's former mayor Schneider for nominating her boyfriend at the time and political consultant to run the nonprofit charged with restoring and opening it for public use. Former Mayor Schneider isn't the city. But even if he was an expert ideal for the job it would be an immense task. I'm not defending him or Schneider, merely pointing out the complexity of fulfilling the terms of Huguette Clark's will. The place was unoccupied and maintained by a small staff since 1937. There are massive deferred maintenance costs and needed improvements to allow public access. The ADA and parking arrangements to safely run it as a public museum must be a nightmare. Most of all, it's run by a nonprofit with a governing board that seems very absent. It's hard enough making basic decisions by committee, imagine fundraising, coordinating a large renovation project, and opening a museum with a committee that's mostly MIA and a point person who's wildly out of his depth.

MarcelK Sep 25, 2022 10:13 AM
City Connection: Santa Barbara City's New Video Series

stupid and tiresome lies. Schneider hasn't been mayor for years, has no connection to the city, nominated one person--who was not an "elite"--who was confirmed by Clark's executors in New York. Have you ever been to a country club? Bellosguardo is anything but--it's a decrepit shell that belongs to a private foundation, so it's none of our business. SB's elites have their own mansions and belong to actual country clubs. And they have nothing to do with this video and the working stiffs who put it together and are featured in it.

niK0777 Sep 25, 2022 12:11 PM
City Connection: Santa Barbara City's New Video Series

We are supposed to control our government and our governments' duty is to act for the subjective benefit of its constituents.
However the present government, as our agent, has full authority to decide how to spend the money in its accounts..

The public can vote dishonest or incompetent politicians out of office, after the damage is done. At the CA state level, the public can vote upon referendums or initiatives to make laws which restrict how the government spends its money.
The public's ability to control the government at the Federal level is entirely representative. We can vote representatives into office, but we can't directly control policy.

I'm not saying I think it should be that way, that's just how I see it now.
Personally, I think our government should be owned, by the public, the same way shareholders own companies, except every citizen should own only one share.
This way, the public would be able to call shareholder meetings to vote on policies or fire bad agents anytime it decides.

MarcelK Sep 25, 2022 10:27 AM
City Connection: Santa Barbara City's New Video Series

"It's the government's money not yours or anyone else's."

I disagree with this. As Abe said, we--by virtue of our democratic vote--have a government of, by, and for the people. Taxes are the dues we pay to be part of civilized society, and the spending of those dues is managed by smart experienced people, sometimes former businessmen like Randy Rowse whom so many people here voted for. I'm not personally a great fan of his, but I would so much rather have him making these decisions than an incompetent ignorant BasicIdiot.

niK0777 Sep 25, 2022 08:16 AM
City Connection: Santa Barbara City's New Video Series

You are constantly making this false claim and whining about government spending. It's the government's money not yours or anyone else's. Honestly, I hope we return to the 1940-1960 tax rate of 91%.
Did you know that the government funded the research that ultimately resulted in the development of the internet? Most of the tiny components in your phone were developed by the government for military use.
It's funny, the people who whine and moan about taxes most are usually rich people who would be plundered instantly if they didn't have the government protecting their property.

a-1663974876 Sep 23, 2022 04:14 PM
City Connection: Santa Barbara City's New Video Series

The city should first try to get things to work that we’ve had for years like Accela software that they spent I think millions of dollars on. They should also work on their website. I wonder what the new city video production head makes $300,000+?

Transparent Sep 23, 2022 09:15 PM
City Connection: Santa Barbara City's New Video Series

They did just spend a ton on "revamped" websites that have such poor mobile layout that they're hardly functional. Government services are vital, but imho we can add the "city’s video production department" to the list of govt functions that shouldn't exist.

Outreach, communications, messaging, etc are indeed vital... but they are the responsibility of the many managers and administrators that we already have.

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