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Circus Vargas
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By Robert Bernstein

With so many events happening now, I missed writing about a notable event a couple of months ago: Circus Vargas at Earl Warren Showgrounds!

Circus Vargas is an old-fashioned traveling circus without the animal cruelty. Just plenty of well-trained performers out to entertain the whole family. Here are a few of my photos and video clips.

The fact that I was able to capture these scenes is a tribute to the old-fashioned casual feel of the event. A stark contrast to Cirque du Soleil which is very aggressive against photography.

Here my wife Merlie struck a pose before we went inside the Big Top Tent.

As one who does some circus arts myself and attends juggling festivals, I appreciated this double diablo performance:

This contortionist was very flexible indeed.But she showed another unique skill: Using a bow and arrow in a whole new way!

A circus is not all about skill. It is also about entertainment and artistry. These "bank robbers" offered trampoline arts in a new way.

Aerialists on silks are quite popular now at festivals and we have our own schools for young aerialists in Santa Barbara. Good to see this new form of circus art making its way into the old fashioned circus.

Flying through the air with the greatest of ease is how trapeze artists have demonstrated their magic for decades. How about this double spin?

This Teeterboard Launch is more gentle and skillful than the old-fashioned human cannonball!

At one point near the end the ringmaster paused to point at us and say, "I like you! You know why? Because you paid for VIP seats!" In fact the VIP seats were still a bargain and every seat gets you close to the action.

Here the whole company posed for a final shot.
A couple of days later we were hiking at Inspiration point and realized we could see the Big Top from all the way up there!
Be sure to catch Circus Vargas the next time they come to town! Here is their web site:

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Mesarats Oct 09, 2021 02:10 PM
Circus Vargas

Our group of 4 adults went and enjoyed it, the acrobats and trapeze are indeed incredible athletes and performers. Watching the kids was fun too.

Summertime Oct 10, 2021 08:03 AM
Circus Vargas

Oh wow, I haven't been to a circus in forever but this brought back so many good memories. Thanks you for all the videos - I hope everyone enjoys them....

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