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Cave of Munits
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By Robert Bernstein

We recently had to go to Los Angeles for my wife's citizenship interview. I will hold off on comments about that until the process is complete. But we did make the best of it by getting in a couple of interesting hikes in the area around Chatsworth not known to be that interesting.

Here are my photos and video of our little adventure to the Cave of Munits!

The first thing you might wonder is: What is or are Munits? According to legend, Munits was a Chumash sorcerer. Here you can read the legend which is full of death, revenge and dismemberment.

Fortunately, we did not suffer any of these ill effects. But we did have a bit of a challenge finding it at first. Google Maps will try to send you into a gated community at the end of Bell Canyon Road near West Hills. The woman at the gate was pleasant enough about letting us turn around with no ill will. And she even gave us general directions to a better entrance.

The correct entrance is from Vanowen Street, just one tenth of a mile west of Valley Circle Boulevard in West Hills. You will see this City of Los Angeles sign welcoming you to El Escorpion Canyon Park. There seems to be some dispute about the correct spelling.From there we started walking west on the wide trail, hoping to meet someone who could direct us to the mysterious cave.Along the way we saw some intriguing peaks inviting us to explore.

But we kept with our mission to find the Cave. People were friendly enough, but the responses ranged from no recognition to various conflicting directions. But then we got very fortunate, indeed! A very pleasant and helpful local named Tom who not only told us the directions, but guided us right to the cave entrance!Tom makes this hike several times a week in order to do a more challenging adventure involving ropes and a more precariously located cave. I made this video of his adventure, until he disappeared out of sight.

Here was the daunting view up toward the Cave of Munits.Merlie stayed below as I scouted up into the cave. It is a bit slippery and scary getting up the first section, due to being worn smooth by other hikers.But it was definitely worth the challenge to see the beautiful cave formations. We don't have anything quite like this in the Santa Barbara area. The closest we have are the Wind Caves at Gaviota which are much smaller. This cave has the feel of a cathedral, complete with the high cathedral ceilings!
This was the view looking up.It was a bit scary peeking back down from high up in the cave.I was delighted to discover that Merlie found her way to the top of the cave on her own!Once again, Tom came to our rescue by joining us up there and pointing the best way down.  This was the view of the way down.It was a bit precarious is places, but still much safer than descending back inside the cave.We made our way back around below the cave and I posed for this photo.

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CanyonKid Oct 13, 2021 10:01 AM
Cave of Munits

Look at that graffiti.

Unmanaged public access almost always guarantees public destruction of natural resources and beauty.

ZeroHawk Oct 13, 2021 12:23 PM
Cave of Munits

how about focus on the positive aspect of the post rather than complain about what we can all see?

a-1634163769 Oct 13, 2021 03:22 PM
Cave of Munits

CK... it's LA, what did you expect? It sucks that this sort of disruption, or breaking of things, is happening here in SB too but that's our new culture and why we can't have and keep nice things. You watch... it'll only get worse.

MarcelK Oct 13, 2021 03:53 PM
Cave of Munits

Managed access does too.

Lucky 777 Oct 13, 2021 10:50 AM
Cave of Munits

Thanks for taking us to yet another hidden wonder!

NostraChumash Oct 13, 2021 03:27 PM
Cave of Munits

Thanx Bear..
There are many caves with stories, here in our area..going back a thousand years.
Two of my Granparents were born in Painted-cave, I have my own..the
"Cave of Pa'a'tinu"..
But I'm MOST appreciative of Bear, who brings me pictures of places I miss.
*side note: Hey, we got through Indigenous Peoples/Columbus day,
without a hitch, while the rest of the Country (F.BOOK too), were in a tizzy or protest of some kind.
It shows me, that we are putting focus on more "emergent" topics.
"Mind yer top-knot" everyone.

Shasta Guy Oct 13, 2021 06:10 PM
Cave of Munits

Thanks Robert for sharing such a fascinating place.

jak Oct 14, 2021 06:38 AM
Cave of Munits

I used to love climbing around through all of the caves and pigeon holes up in those hills as a kid. I assume that somewhere in the course of time that vanowen got paved?

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