Cave Fire Winter Storm Meeting Thursday

Cave Fire Winter Storm Meeting Thursday title=
Cave Fire Winter Storm Meeting Thursday
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Source: County of Santa Barbara

The public is invited to attend an informational community meeting with County of Santa Barbara public safety and flood control officials and the U.S. Forest Service Burn Area Emergency Response (BAER) team at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, December 19 at 6100 Wallace Becknell Road, Santa Barbara (Direct Relief International). 

Experts will update the public on the Cave Fire burn area, mitigation, preparations and decision-making processes in advance of the winter storm season; and engage the public in their resiliency through this and future storm seasons. 

Due to the burn scar caused by the recent Cave Fire, there is a heightened risk of flooding and debris flows during winter storms. Within Santa Barbara County, the southern foothills and surrounding communities have experienced occasional rockslides and flooding. Residents are reminded that they may be located in historically flood-prone areas. 

Public safety officials will evaluate each incoming storm and determine what protective actions, if any, the public should take. Residents should be prepared to take action and follow the instructions of public safety officials. Protective actions may include relocating prior to a storm’s arrival, sheltering in place, moving to higher ground, or evacuation.

A preliminary map is located at, along with storm Ready-Set-Gopreparedness tips. Register to receive emergency alerts at, and make emergency plans to protect you, your family and your property. For assistance developing a family safety plan, contact a local fire department or go to If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe at any time, do not wait for instructions and relocate from your area.

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a-1576633410 Dec 17, 2019 05:43 PM
Cave Fire Winter Storm Meeting Thursday

How about having some creek maps to hand out, for people to take away. Maps containing the creeks and the new burn area.

a-1576792095 Dec 19, 2019 01:48 PM
Cave Fire Winter Storm Meeting Thursday

Today, 5:30pm. Will it be televised or carried somewhere online? Important meeting with rains coming ALL next week.

a-1576804812 Dec 19, 2019 05:20 PM
Cave Fire Winter Storm Meeting Thursday

Channel 20, Government Access-- looking like it will carry Cave Fire Winter Storm Preparedness live on tv, starting 5:30 today/Thurs.

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