Cat of the Week: Tulip

Cat of the Week: Tulip title=
Cat of the Week: Tulip
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By ASAP Cats

*Meet Tulip!*

Tulip is a beautiful, 4 year old (mini) lion -- her fluffy mane is just to die for! 

We generally find Tulip hiding under her bed, but as soon as she senses that she might get some attention, she comes right out to say hello. She loves to be pet, and loves it even more if she can multitask by taking little bites of her kibbles in between strokes (it's pretty cute). 

Tulip is affectionate, but also knows what she wants and will communicate when she's had enough, so she would love an experienced cat owner her knows how to listen to her.

Submit an application to foster or adopt Tulip today at!

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