Cat of the Week: Rags

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Cat of the Week: Rags
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By ASAP Cats

*Remember Rags?* We introduced you to Rags in July, after he had already been in the shelter for 6 months. Rags' journey to becoming adoptable wasn't easy. When his owner passed away and he suddenly found himself in a strange cage with strange sounds and smells and people, he was...well, pissed. And understandably so. It took our behavior team months of working with Rags before he would let anyone near him.

We now know that Rags loves to be brushed and told what a handsome guy he is. And when he's had enough of that, he'll just walk away - our volunteers say he puts himself in time out.  He can still be a bit unpredictable, though, so finding the right home for him has been a big challenge.

After observing Rags for the better part of a year, our behavior team would like to test a theory -- would Rags be more compatible with masculine energy? In a sea of female volunteers, Rags' absolute favorite volunteer is a gentleman. Research shows that cats can sense hormones, and while the jury is out over whether that impacts their connection to their human, we're ready to try just about anything to find Rags a happy ending. 

So -- do we have any masculine presenting followers out there looking for a best bud?! At the end of the day, no matter the gender expression of his future person, Rags needs someone willing to go the distance with him. To show him patience and understanding, and to accept him for all his quirks. Help us find Rags his purrfect forever home! 

***Rags would also really benefit from some time in a foster home! If you can't commit to adopting, but want to help, consider signing up to be a foster!***

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a-1664782034 Oct 03, 2022 12:27 AM
Cat of the Week: Rags

My cat has a terminal condition. I'm getting ready. I've adopted "hospice cases" before that lived for at least 2 years.
I can't wait to adopt my next hard case!
Good luck to Rags!

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