Cat of the Week: Nori

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Cat of the Week: Nori
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By an edhat reader

This is Nori. She's not our cat, she has a lovely home down the street, but she visits often and she's now an unofficial member of the family.

She's sweet and cuddly when she wants to be, and other times she'll glare at you from across the yard and won't say hi, because... she's a cat. While we don't have pets of our own, it's nice to have this Westside community ambassador make her rounds and enjoy some pets. 

She's a very curious cat. Once she was accidentally locked in our garage for an evening and another time she became stuck under our house. She's fine though.

While we're not necessarily "cat people," she's earned a special place in our hearts. Thank you to Nori's humans for letting her roam and visit.

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YepSB May 02, 2021 01:54 PM
Cat of the Week: Nori

Hooray for your neighborhood for being a cool space for her!

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