Cat of the Week: Mimi

Cat of the Week: Mimi title=
Cat of the Week: Mimi
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Source: ASAP Cats

6-year-old Mimi is awaiting her forever family in a foster home, and here's what her foster has to say about her!

"Mimi is the perfect cat for anyone seeking an affectionate, adorable, and talkative couch-potato! She’s extremely well-behaved and has been a breeze to foster. While she does get the “evening zoomies” and loves chasing after thrown mouse toys, she spends most of the day rotating between her favorite lounging spots and politely demanding our attention.

Her favorite thing in the world is head rubs, and she will gently push her head into your hand until she gets them. She also loves kneading – on the ground, in the air, the blankets, your arm…thankfully she doesn’t mind her nails being trimmed! She is a purr-machine and will often doze off upside down with some adorable half-purrs/half-snores.

She is pretty brave but she really doesn’t like loud noises so might do better in a somewhat quieter household. She is a big character with a small tail who will bring her new owner tons of happiness, entertainment, and cuddles!" Submit an adoption application on our website at today.

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