Cat of the Week: Kobu

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Cat of the Week: Kobu
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By ASAP Cats

*Meet Kobu!*

Kobu is a sweet and handsome 2 year-old gentleman. He can be a bit reserved at first - but after a few days, he will show you how confident and comfortable he is by exploring your home and approaching you for cuddles.

He loves to lounge and look out the window during the day, and put on a grand display with his zoomies at night. He will nap and snuggle next to you in the evening, and when he's in the mood (rolling and stretching on the floor), he also welcomes a good belly rub.

Kobu cannot get enough of his favorite toy - a hair tie attached to a wand - and if you’re lucky, you might catch him doing ninja somersault moves as he pounces on it. He is quiet most of the time, but he will not hesitate to let you know that you're late for breakfast. If you refuse to get out of bed, he will plop next to you and nudge you with his entire body!

Kobu would benefit from a peaceful environment, and a human who can offer lots of love and affection to remind him what a special boy he is. In fact, he loves being pet so much that he'll occasionally start drooling. Could this loving boy be the missing piece to your household?

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Jamespoe Jul 05, 2021 09:30 AM
Cat of the Week: Kobu

That face, those eyes - an irresistible young fellow! He clearly deserves the best.

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