Cat of the Week: Freckles

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Cat of the Week: Freckles
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**(Re) Introducing Freckles! ASAP's Worst Cat!**

After 438 days in the shelter and counting, we're facing the facts: Freckles is ASAP's worst cat! 

Her soft, flowy, tortoiseshell fur may seduce you, but if her piercing green eyes don't stop you in your tracks, a well-placed swat will surely knock you out!

Freckles comes with her very own instruction manual:

1. Do not pick up Freckles. She will move when she's good and ready to move.
2. Do not permit other animals to grace her presence EVER. Why do you even need anyone else?
3. Don't be needy. If and when Freckles wants your attention, she'll let you know.
4. No children, loud noises, annoying house guests, change of any kind, or Nickleback. For the love of God, do NOT play Freckles any Nickleback. 

Only the brave and courageous need apply to win the heart of this angry owl. Lord only knows why, but she happens to be a fan favorite of the volunteers, so they've sponsored her adoption fee and you can take her home for free...please...take her.  #worstcatever #freefreckles

...all that said, we're sure when Freckles finds the right home, she'll show sides of her personality we've never seen, it'll just take a very patient and cat-savvy adopter. Poor Freckles landed at ASAP at just 5 years old when her owner passed away. The gal could really use a break.

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PitMix Mar 10, 2020 09:14 AM
Cat of the Week: Freckles

And you will have her for many years, Calicos live a really long time....

a-1591324280 Mar 08, 2020 08:27 PM
Cat of the Week: Freckles

Like my Dad always said, “there’s someone for everyone!” She’ll find her person.

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