Cat of the Week: Esperanza

Cat of the Week: Esperanza title=
Cat of the Week: Esperanza
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Did you miss out on ASAP's Worst Cat, Freckles, before she was snatched up?! Do you desperately need a bad girl in your life?! Well, you're in luck! Meet Esperanza!

A card carrying member of our Worst Cat Club, Esperanza just "celebrated" her one year shelter-versary, and she WILL tell you what she thinks about that.

This bulky beauty has had some struggles; she started out with a rather embarrassing case of allergy induced hair loss, but has recovered her unique and beautiful coat after some time at the ASAP Beauty Spa -- see: appropriate veterinary care.

Esperanza made herself the favorite of our vet staff after she adopted the Veterinary Exam Room as her own personal flat and they all realized she also had the curmudgeonly attitude of one particular staff member. They've even sponsored her adoption fee in the hopes that someone will take her so they won't have to deal with double the cranky office mates!

While the rest of the cats are cruising around the shelter, Esperanza cannot be bothered. Off to her Vet Room bed she goes, and once she's settled, it is NOT wise to move her unless you'd like to be treated to a rousing rendition of her protest song -- see: cat screaming.

Once she feels comfortable, Esperanza is total a love-bug, asking for pets and affection, but she's a lady looking for a respectful adopter who understands that as a strong, independent woman, she sometimes needs her space. Esperanza definitely has cat-titude, and is looking for someone who appreciates some confidence and sass!

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