Cat of the Week: Ella

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Cat of the Week: Ella
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Source: ASAP Cats

*Meet Ella!*

At just under a year old, Ella came to ASAP already very pregnant. She went right to a foster home to have her kittens, and now she's ready for a family of her own.

Ella is an exceptionally beautiful kitty, not only in looks but also in personality. Her foster says, "She was friendly, although cautious at first, but within a week Ella and I were best friends! She is so graceful and sweet, and has so much love to offer.

Ella would lay next to me and let me rub her belly several times a day. She head butts and purrs, and lets you rub her belly, neck, ears, head, toes. Once Ella gets to know you she will want to lay in your arms and be pet, with loud purrs to reward you. Ella is one of the best kitties I have ever had, she will give you years of love and companionship."

Don't miss out on the chance to give this phenomenal baby the loving home she deserves!

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