Cat of the Week: Dupe

Cat of the Week: Dupe title=
Cat of the Week: Dupe
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By an edhat reader

Sweet baby girl visually impaired, looking for love

I've had a tough start in life. I was very ill with sepsis and close to death, that's when I became homeless and so frightened. But look at me now!

I have vision problems but my meowy-mom says you can't tell by the way I run zoomies around the room and jump up in the air to catch my toys. I also love to play soccer and after kicking the ball, I  tumble over my buddies to try to get to it first!  

Actually, if you weren't aware of my vision impairment you probably would not even notice. I get around as well, yes, as well, as any of our sighted buddies.

Contact Sharon Kantanen at [email protected] or 847-791-3245

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a-1594411225 Aug 18, 2019 03:34 PM
Cat of the Week: Dupe

I foreSEE a happy home for this delightful kitty.

a-1594411225 Aug 18, 2019 03:01 PM
Cat of the Week: Dupe

Cats use scent markers and their whiskers to do much of their navigation.

NostraChumash Aug 18, 2019 11:23 AM
Cat of the Week: Dupe this a cat with no eyeballs!?.. And he still gets around like nothing's amiss?.. Does he make any sound as he plays? There is a person who is completely blind, who clicks like a dolphin as he walks.. No cane or assistance needed.

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