Cat of the Week: Daisy

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Cat of the Week: Daisy
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By ASAP Cats

Daisy's foster says, "Daisy really loves exploring the shower and the sinks in the bathroom. I’m confident that she absolutely will accompany her adopters into the bathroom and oversee their morning routines.

While she’s not a lapcat, she will lie down next to us or on the floor in front of us. She’s very gentle and is good about giving a warning tail flick/head shake when she’s had enough pets. She loves catnip mouse toys and playing with wand toys. Her favorite spot to loaf up for a nap is on an old folded paper bag we have on the floor.

She’s very vocal. Throughout the day our apartment is filled with the sound of her chirping and meowing. Thankfully, she keeps her meows to a minimum at night.

She started off a little timid but within 2 days she became much more confident. Now she confidently informs me that she’s hungry every morning at 6:45 and will run in front of me to try to direct me to her food bowl."

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