Cat of the Week: Bernadette & Josephine

Cat of the Week: Bernadette & Josephine title=
Cat of the Week: Bernadette & Josephine
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Source: ASAP Cats

**Two [kitten] heads are better than one!**

At ASAP, we recommend adopting kittens in pairs for many reasons, but sometimes two kittens (or even adult cats!) are so attached to one another that we know their quality of life would suffer should they be separated.

We have several bonded pairs of kittens (and adults!), like Bernadette and Josephine who are looking for their forever homes!

To give them just a little extra help in finding a family, we've made all bonded pairs 2-for-1. They're basically "joined at the hip" anyhow, so why not just consider them one cat?! 

But don't worry, they still have PLENTY of love left over for their humans, so they would really like to find some!

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a-1568648520 Sep 16, 2019 08:42 AM
Cat of the Week: Bernadette & Josephine

We adopted a bonded brother and sister from ASAP, and they are delightful. Very affectionate with people, and with one another.

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