Castillo Underpass Construction Continues as SBCC Begins

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Source: Santa Barbara MTD

Road closures due to the Caltrans construction project to improve conditions on the US Highway 101 undercrossing at Castillo Street may continue through the first day of fall classes for Santa Barbara City College. As this is normally a route for MTD buses serving SBCC and the Mesa neighborhood, the Lines 5 and 15x have been on a detoured route since construction began in mid-June. On Monday, August 21st, Line 16 (SBCC Shuttle) begins service and will also require a detour and may experience delays.

The detoured Line 16 (SBCC Shuttle) heading towards SBCC from Downtown will serve the eastbound Haley and De La Vina bus stop instead of the southbound De La Vina and Haley and westbound Haley and Bath bus stops before traveling to the college. Instead of serving the stop at Castillo and Pershing Park, the Line 16 will stop at the Cabrillo and Bath Waterfront shuttle bus stop before continuing on to the stops on Loma Alta and the at the main campus.

Additionally, the Line 2540 morning booster serving San Marcos High School will also be detoured slightly. The booster will miss the Haley and Bath stop, but will serve the stop at eastbound Haley and De La Vina. Students and parents should expect slight delays for this short time as construction concludes.

Temporary stop closures:

  • Castillo at Montecito (served by Line 5 and 16 all day, and Line 15x in the afternoon)
  • De La Vina at Haley (served by Line 5 and 16)
  • Haley at Bath (served by Line 5 and 16)
  • Castillo at Pershing Park (served by Line 16)

Temporary stop activation:

  • Cabrillo at Bath (served by Line 16)

Temporary new stop:

  • Montecito at Bath (served by Lines 5, 15x and 16)

These stop closures and detours will remain in effect until construction is completed, expected toward the end of August. MTD appreciates the patience of our riders as these detours may also delay other bus lines serving other areas of the transit system.

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420722 Aug 16, 2017 07:17 PM
Castillo Underpass Construction Continues as SBCC Begins

It has not stopped since they built it. Santa Barbra just doesn't know when to quit. Let it go people will get off at other exits. Shut the freaking thing down permanently already or fill it in and make a really cool bike and walk path to the harbor/city college.

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