Carbajal Announces $23 Million for Central Coast Transit

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By the Office of Rep. Salud Carbajal

[On Tuesday], Congressman Salud Carbajal (CA-24) announced $23,577,941 in funding authorized through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), which he helped craft in 2021, for transit improvements on the Central Coast.

“As a kid growing up in Oxnard, I learned firsthand the importance of reliable public transportation for my family and so many others on the Central Coast,” said Rep. Carbajal.“Now, through my work on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, the landmark infrastructure law that I helped craft is delivering critical investments for transit improvements up and down our region. I look forward to working with our regional transit authorities and local leaders to ensure these funds improve transit availability and affordability, cut carbon pollution, and reduce traffic for all our area’s residents.”

Funding provided through the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) includes:

  • $4,815,298 for San Luis Obispo
  • $1,763,907 for Lompoc
  • $2,225,901 for Arroyo Grande
  • $8,772,266 for Santa Barbara
  • $7,000,569 for Santa Maria

“Congressman Carbajal’s influence has been paramount in safeguarding public transit system funding in smaller regions like ours so that we have the same access to federal resources as more urbanized areas,” said Marjie Kirn, executive director of the Santa Barbara County Association of Governments (SBCAG). “We look forward to working with the Congressman and regional transit operators in 2024 to protect critical federal public transportation investment in our county.”

“These funds authorized by the new Bipartisan Infrastructure law will allow our transit operators to maintain high-quality service,” said Pete Rogers, Executive Director for the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments. “Federal funding for regional and local transit service is an important part of our region’s transportation system. These services provide essential mobility options, reduce traffic congestion, and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

The funding allocated to the Central Coast by the FTA is part of more than $2 billion in funding that California received for Fiscal Year 2023.

Since its enactment, more than $370 million has been allocated to the Central Coast to support infrastructure, clean water, climate resilience and other related projects.

These projects include $75 million for improvements to the US 101 freeway funded with new flexibility provided by BIL, over $6 million for airport improvements, and funds to plug abandoned oil wells in Channel Islands National Park.

As a senior member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Carbajal helped craft the infrastructure law – the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act in 2021. He voted to send the measure to President Biden for final approval in November 2021.

Rep. Salud Carbajal represents California’s 24th Congressional District, encompassing Santa Barbara County and portions of San Luis Obispo County and Ventura County. He is a member of the Armed Services Committee and the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, where he serves as the top Democrat and Ranking Member of the Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Subcommittee.

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Luvaduck Feb 11, 2023 07:12 AM
Carbajal Announces $23 Million for Central Coast Transit

Federal money doesn't fall from a money-tree. It's generated by income taxes many of us pay and other taxes that all of us pay. I'm not saying don't take it--the whole deep South takes much more than they send in--I'm saying, just be aware that the "bank" can't give withdrawals without either raising taxes or borrowing or printing more money, the basis of inflation.

salsa guy Feb 11, 2023 08:27 AM
Carbajal Announces $23 Million for Central Coast Transit

We will buy more electric buses. What a great idea ! Does anyone know what it costs pet passenger to run MTD? Be interesting to see.
Yeah take to the grant money cause if we don’t someone else will. We really are living in a messed up time

Babycakes Feb 11, 2023 11:29 AM
Carbajal Announces $23 Million for Central Coast Transit

It is hard to understand why so few people in Santa Barbara Eco-Town USA essentially refuse en masse not to utilize MTD buses in the SB/Carp/Goleta area. Everyone talks about being green, but they mean for someone else/others, and not for themselves. Earth Day is a prime example of eco-zealots on parking for blocks and blocks and blocks around Alameda Park. Mission Street through Carrillo Street are chocker-block full of vehicles because taking MTD is too "inconvenient." Well that sets some example and is truly the in-your-face "Inconvenient Truth." Take the bus peeps. Walk the walk. Help save the planet by doing your part.....not just talking about someone else doing their part.

CreekMoe Feb 11, 2023 12:02 PM
Carbajal Announces $23 Million for Central Coast Transit

Great to see the deficit growing. Pass the pork please.

But i still amazed that SB not have a Coaster train nor trolley system like in San Diego.

Nor a Metrolink like in LA County.

Seems the Amtrak track is not used for area travel.

Just need some e-buses with train wheels. Cheaper than a train.
And able to run more for less. Pulled by Tesla auto drive?

Or nobody wants to reduce the jam on the 101 at rush hours?

Buses could run from Santa Maria to station down town - then go
into street mode and run up State Street . Or from Ventura to the
station in Goleta.

Or put cable cars onto State Street. Make it a destination and fun
for tourists. Or get the Cable Car Tribute buses - close enough for
government work.

Even a Ferry boat system would help?

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