Car Fire in Ellwood

Car Fire in Ellwood title=
Car Fire in Goleta's Ellwood neighborhood (Photo by an edhat reader)
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By an edhat reader

Locals reported an explosion (from half a block away it sounded like a medium-sized firework) followed by the car horn fusing in the "on" position.  Multiple neighbors called in the fire/explosion.  By the time the picture and video were taken, the firefighters were making good progress battling the flames pouring out of the broken car windows.  Something in the car kept reigniting (possibly a Lithium battery?) so they kept having to spray the car interior.  A police officer was checking if anyone had further information.

The car was parked next to an open space, and had a sticker on the window warning that it would be towed if it was left in that position.  Fortunately, none of the dry brush next to the car seems to have caught fire, and the trees did not appear to be scorched.  A neighbor adjacent to the open space had hoses and buckets at the ready, but it is not known if this was used in any capacity. Video is below.

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