Car Crashes Over SR-154 Injuring One

Car Crashes Over SR-154 Injuring One title=
Car Crashes Over SR-154 Injuring One
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Update by edhat staff
8:45 p.m., August 18, 2018


One man is injured after his vehicle crashed over Highway 154 near Paradise Roade on Saturday.

Fire crews on scene found a vehicle 100 feet over the side of the roadway. It was initially reported as a vehicle fire that affected the nearby brush, but firefighters cancelled the brush fire response. 

According to the fire department, witnesses climbed down to the vehicle, contacted the male driver in his 60's, and were able to extricate him. When firefighters arrived on scene they used a stokes basket and lowered it down to the victim.

Sheriff's Search and Rescue along with firefighters, brought the patient to the roadway who was then transported to Cottage Hospital with minor to moderate injuries in an ambulance. 

California Highway Patrol is investigating the cause of this incident. 

Reported by Roger the Scanner Guy
6:58 p.m., August 18, 2018

Traffic collision with an injury off Highway 154 at Paradise Road, a vehicle is over the side with a possible vegetation fire also.

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Patricia E. Aug 20, 2018 08:14 PM
Car Crashes Over SR-154 Injuring One

I drove by this accident shortly after it happened. The CHP Officer behind me was the first to respond. There were dozens of people who stopped their cars on both sides of the Rte. 124, got out crossed the road, and many tried to look over the edge. It was astounding to see so many accident gawkers. Thank goodness for the witnesses who were able to assist the victim shortly after it happened. The brush is so thick in that area, it's surprising that there was no fire.

Roger Aug 18, 2018 07:00 PM
Car Crashes Over SR-154 Injuring One

According to the CHP Webside fire possibly out but Fire Department still responding vehicle about 200 Feet Down Minor injuries...

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