California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package title=
Governor Gavin Newsom (center) and Asm. Steve Bennett (left of center) joining with other state legislators (courtesy photo)
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Source: Office of Assemblymember Steve Bennett

In the wake of another tragedy and inaction at the national level, the Assembly Wednesday advanced a package of six gun violence prevention bills to the Senate, signaling California’s commitment to doing everything possible to take action where the federal government is not.

The group of six Democratic lawmakers – Asm. Mike Gipson (D-Carson), Asm. Buffy Wicks (D-Oakland), Asm. Steve Bennett (D-Ventura), Asm. Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento), Asm. Brian Maienschein (D-San Diego), and Asm. Jesse Gabriel (D-Woodland Hills) – together brought their bills to a vote on the Assembly Floor. The Members expressed impassioned frustration with Congress’s failure to act on the issues of gun control and gun violence prevention, and emphasized the corresponding need for California to recommit itself with urgency to the fight.

“Our number one job as legislators is to keep our communities safe — and on the issue of gun violence, our federal lawmakers are failing horrifically” said Assemblymember Buffy Wicks. “While we have strong gun violence prevention laws here in California, there’s still so much more that can be done. We must do everything in our power under state law to strengthen protections for our communities, and be an example for other state legislatures to take action where our federal policymakers are not.”

“Thoughts and prayers won’t keep our kids safe. We need real action,” said Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel. “While Senate Republicans continue to obstruct progress, we are committed to moving forward common sense gun safety measures to protect our kids and our communities. When Washington D.C. fails to act, California must lead.”

The bills advancing to the Senate include: 

·        AB 1621 (Gipson) - Limiting Ghost Guns: Increasing Gun Safety in Our Communities
This bill seeks to increase public safety by further restricting “ghost guns” and the parts and kits used to build them, while protecting the rights of legal gun owners in California.

·        AB 2156 (Wicks) - Firearm Manufacturing
This bill would close loopholes that currently allow individuals and corporations to manufacture large numbers of firearms without complying with standard manufacturer requirements. 

·        AB 2552 (McCarty) - Gun Show and Event Regulations
This bill ensures proper background checks at gun shows in California, and increases the safety and oversight of these events to prevent guns and ammo from getting into the wrong hands.

·        AB 1769 (Bennett) - Ventura County Fairgrounds – Gun Show Ban
This bill prohibits the sale of firearms, firearm precursor parts, or ammunition on the property of the Ventura County Fairgrounds and Event Center. 

·        AB 2239 (Maienschein) - 10-Year Gun Ban Expansion
This  bill adds additional misdemeanors to the list of crimes for which the 10-year ban from owning or possessing firearms applies.

·        AB 1929 (Gabriel) - Medi-Cal reimbursement for Hospital-Based Violence Intervention Programs
This bill will provide Medi-Cal reimbursement for violence prevention services for victims of gun violence and other violent incidents.

Additionally, Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) will bring his bill AB 1594 to a vote on the Assembly Floor before the end of the week. The bill will empower California citizens, the state Attorney General and local governments to sue manufacturers and sellers of firearms for the harm caused by their products when the state’s strict gun laws aren’t followed. 

The Floor vote followed a press conference with Governor Gavin Newsom, the aforementioned bill authors and other legislative leaders, who together vowed to keep working together to expedite bills aimed at curbing gun violence and increasing safety in California communities.

There remains a great amount of work to do in California to improve community safety for all –  2020 saw record spikes in gun violence nationwide, and California was not an exception. Still, the state continues to lead the nation in terms of gun violence prevention efforts, enacting state laws that have made a critical difference for communities statewide. Researchers have documented how California’s Gun Violence Restraining Order law has helped to prevent dozens of mass shooting attacks against schools, places of worship, workplaces, and the public at large – especially as compared to states with weaker gun laws:

·        In 2020, children in California (0-17 year olds) were more than 40% less likely to be murdered with a gun than children of the same age in Texas. 

·        Laws including stronger domestic violence protections have made women about half as likely to be shot to death in California compared to Texas.  

·        Restrictions on military-style weaponry have helped reduce the likelihood that shootings that occur will become mass casualty events. Three of the 10 deadliest mass shootings in modern US history have occurred in Texas while Gov. Abbott was Governor.

“We have an epidemic in our country when it comes to gun violence and enough is enough. In California, we want action and will continue to work on gun violence prevention,” said Assemblymember Kevin McCarty. “My bill, AB 2552, ensures proper background checks at gun shows in California and increases the safety and oversight of these events to prevent guns and ammo from getting into the wrong hands. I am proud of the swift action of the Legislature to fast track not only my bill, but other gun reform bills.”

“Unfortunately, the United States experiences far more gun violence per person than virtually every other modern industrialized country in the world,” said Assemblymember Steve Bennett. “And what accounts for this? The United States has one of the most pervasive gun cultures in the world supported by a powerful gun lobby. Gun shows at the Fairgrounds enhance this and it is time for each of us to play a role in changing this culture.”

“Far too often, gun violence tragedies are perpetrated by individuals who have shown previous signs of violence or intent to harm others,” said Assemblymember Brian Maienschein. “AB 2239 would take firearms out of the hands of those charged with child endangerment or elder abuse, ensuring that these dangerous individuals cannot harm our most vulnerable.”

“Today, as AB 1621 and other critical gun reform legislation passed the Assembly and now move to the Senate, and vice versa, it is critical we remain diligent in continuing to push for solutions against rampant gun violence happening across the nation,” said Assemblymember Mike A. Gipson. “We are just 145 days into the year, and as of the Robb Elementary School tragedy in Uvalde, Texas just yesterday, where 19 children and 2 adults had their lives ripped away from them by a coward with an AR-15, the U.S. had its 212th mass shooting.

Gipson continued, “To say that this issue is personal to me is an understatement, and sending thoughts and prayers just isn’t enough. AB 1621, which seeks to eradicate “ghost guns” from our streets, is an important piece in the puzzle to save lives, and it is a common-sense approach toward providing justice for families who have continued to bear the burden of losing a loved one through incidents that could have otherwise been prevented. Almost any style of gun, including an AR-15, can be built at home and remain untraceable. For all communities that have experienced similar tragedies, gun violence is a wildfire that we work diligently to try to contain. And the casualties are our babies, sisters, brothers, friends, and acquaintances - all deserving of life but were cut short of their potential. Enough is enough.”

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sacjon May 26, 2022 11:38 AM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

SAIL - Here's something to think about: Are all murderers suffering from mental health issues? Does racism and hate count as a mental health issue? Basically, are we presuming that every mass shooting was the result of a mental health issue? If so, what? Is being bullied a mental health issue? Having no friends and being obsessed with guns? Is that a mental health issue?

Not saying they're not, but just pointing out that just because someone commits a terrible crime, doesn't always mean they could have been stopped had they had better mental health care. Some people are just plain rotten. Also, it's way easier to shift the blame on "mental health" as a blanket solution for gun violence.

sacjon May 26, 2022 11:51 AM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

"mass schools shootings only started in the late 1990's" - not really true. Here's some interesting articles that may help shed light on this issue.

SBsurferlife May 26, 2022 12:02 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

Sail - here is how your logic is flawed. Yes, every country and community needs comprehensive mental health treatment. But there are mentally ill and homicidal people all over the world and the U.S. is the ONLY developed nation with gun violence to this degree. Stop passing the buck onto mental health and address what is killing people, guns.

Alexblue May 26, 2022 02:10 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

VOR, apparently, what has changed is our culture. Apparently, Americans are no longer responsible enough to have the access to firearms that they currently do. You know, it's sort of like drunk driving, at some point, you just don't have that license to drive anymore.

sacjon May 26, 2022 03:20 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

SAIL - so, is the treatment of mental illness (prescription drugs) the problem or the un-treated mental illness itself? The guy who killed those kids had no history of mental illness. Just trying to sort this all out, since you know..... it has nothing to do with the availability of guns.

Voice of Reason May 26, 2022 04:18 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

Alex, but we don't take away everyone's cars because of drunk drivers. (FYI, I have never owed a gun). What has changed in our culture and why? The culture that's created these monsters will still be creating monsters guns or no guns. Addressing that would be addressing the heart of the issue, rather than throwing a band-aid on it.

Voice of Reason May 26, 2022 04:55 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

At times your lack of reason and logic can simply stunning. What do the secret service use to protect the president and other politicians? The private security for celebrities? What does the guard at the bank have on his hip? While advocating to defund the police, the private security hired by the BLM leaders carried, squirt guns? The CDC even knows how important firearms are for self defense, being used an estimated 500,000 to 3M times per year. But you don't hear about those, because that doesn't garner the financial returns for the media nearly as much as tragedy does. Please read and inform yourself, guns have a primary and separate purpose than murdering others:

sacjon May 26, 2022 05:13 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

My "reason and logic?" That's rich coming from you, someone completely unable to answer a direct question or claim. You completely ignore my counter to your fallacious argument about cars and instead talk about self defense. You just going to ignore the fact that cars are different from guns?

Anyway, here you go though:

"guns have a primary and separate purpose than murdering others" Yes, the other purpose is to kill. I never said murder, that's YOUR word. Are you seriously sitting there telling us guns have some purpose other than to kill (whether intentional or not, justified or not)?

sacjon May 26, 2022 05:22 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

SAIL - you mean the mandatory health evaluations? Heck, that would be great! You want a gun, you have to pass a thorough evaluation by a licensed professional. That would be a great first step. I don't think many in the GOP would accept this though.

Sail380 May 26, 2022 06:13 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

SACJON, Prove the killer had no mental illness or was not prescribed drugs that promote violent aggression and suicidal thought!!! You cant because his juvenile records are probably sealed. The US is #1 prescribing those drugs and #1 in mass killings. Stop the killings before they have been brainwashed with chemicals!!!

sacjon May 26, 2022 06:26 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

SAIL - I can't prove those things, I just said what has been said by the news - he has no history of mental health issues.

"“There is no evidence the shooter is mentally ill, just angry and hateful,” said Lori Post, director of the Buehler Center for Health Policy and Economics at the Northwestern University School of Medicine. “While it is understandable that most people cannot fathom slaughtering small children and want to attribute it to mental health, it is very rare for a mass shooter to have a diagnosed mental health condition.”

But, that's beside my point. I was asking if you could clarify the problem you see. Is it the treatment for mental health (prescription drugs) that is causing people to do this or is it the mental health issue themselves doing this? You say we need to provide better mental health, but then you say the prescription drugs for mental health is causing people to do horrible things like this.

How many mass shooters were being prescribed drugs for mental illness?

SBsurferlife May 26, 2022 11:53 AM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

Law enforcement killed these kids. They made errors every step of the way and now 19 kids and 2 adults are dead because of it. It took 12 minutes for cops to respond to report of a man with guns who crashed his car and is on foot near a school. 12 MINUTES! For a town of 15,000... why so long.

AND THEN. The cops are not saying what happened for one hour while they refused to go in and engage the gunman. ONE HOUR!! Parents were being thrown to the ground as they tried to run in and save their kids while the police wouldn't. Parents asked to borrow bullet proof vests so they could go in. All while law enforcement hung around for one hour until border patrol with tactical gear arrived. It's too late. The kids bled out. They all died, and some of them, maybe most of them could've been saved.

Law enforcement is inept. Lawmakers are inept. GOP protects their power and the NRA over children's lives. Police protect themselves and other law enforcement and their reputations over civilian's lives. Overthrow them all.

sacjon May 26, 2022 12:00 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

SBSURFER - sad but true. And this is yet another reason where we can't rely solely on "good guys with guns." Look at Buffalo last week - a "good guy" shot the shooter but was unable to stop him. Look at Parkland - the "good guy" ran and hid. It's time to stop the problem by making it harder to get the thing that causes the death - the gun.

Chip of SB May 26, 2022 12:11 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

These laws will be generally ineffective, and virtually impossible to enforce. Defining what constitutes a “gun part” is virtually untenable. In addition, many of the proposed restrictions are constitutionally dubious. Further, legal challenges to much of California’s existing gun control legislation are underway including the so-called “assault weapon” ban, so-called “high capacity” magazine ban. The Supreme Court is likely to define the framework for how second amendment rights cases are evaluated when it issues its ruling in the Bruen case in the weeks ahead. Once this ruling is issued, much of California’s existing gun control legislation is likely to crumble. Passing new anti second amendment laws will likely result in costly litigation that the state of california will ultimately lose. The bottom line is civil rights are non-negotiable, even if a majority wishes to implement restrictions on a minority group such as owners of certain types of firearms or enthusiasts who build their own firearms. Finally, eliminating guns entirely would not eliminate the danger posed by disgruntled/mentally disturbed people. The worst school massacre, not a shooting, in the history of the United States took place in 1927. A disgruntled man dynamited a school, killing 45 people. Interestingly, one could legally order a Thompson machine gun along with “high capacity” magazines from the Sears catalog at that time without any background checks, registration requirements, or other restrictions.

a-1653592465 May 26, 2022 12:14 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

Excuses, excuses Chip! If there has been an epidemic of schools being blown up by dynamite then let's discuss dynamite regulations, but that's not what's happenings. It's guns! Are you seriously suggesting we sit back and do nothing? Other countries quickly passed laws and have not had any more issues, surely a country as powerful as America can do the same.

Chip of SB May 26, 2022 12:35 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

Other countries do not have constitutionally protected civil rights. The language “shall not be infringed” is pretty absolute. I’m not saying do nothing, but I am saying that attacking the second amendment is likely to result in costly litigation the state of california will ultimately lose. In addition, guns are tools and taking away guns does nothing to deal with people who want to commit atrocities. I think it would be more effective to focus on the people who commit atrocities, not the tools they use to do it.

sacjon May 26, 2022 12:43 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

"taking away guns does nothing to deal with people who want to commit atrocities." - uh.... except stops them from being able to kill large numbers of people within seconds and being able to kill the police officers who would otherwise be able to stop them from killing all those people within seconds.

Seriously? I really had to explain that to you?

sacjon May 26, 2022 01:17 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

"The language “shall not be infringed” is pretty absolute." - So is the first part..... "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State" Have you joined up with the California State Militia yet?

GeneralTree May 26, 2022 12:44 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

An estimated 4.6 million American children live in a home where at least one gun is kept loaded and unlocked.  These improperly stored weapons have contributed to school shootings, suicides and the deaths of family members, including infants and toddlers. Nearly half of all parents with a weapon in the home wrongly believe their children don’t know where a gun is stored.

dukemunson May 26, 2022 12:47 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

Chip - But we all agree that "infringing" on the right to bear arms is OK and good. You can't buy a machine guy anymore...or a rocket launcher. Those rights have been "infringed". So now that we are all OK with "infringing" I think in this situation we need infringe further. We also need to make it harder to get a gun. Example: If you have an emotional support guns! We need to more (and other things) than just taking away the tools...but taking away the tools that make mass casualty events easy is a win-win for this country. Both parties should embrace this (and a whole host of other logical middle ground policies).

sacjon May 26, 2022 01:15 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

CHIP - here's a better one from a better source: "They’re guarantees of equal social opportunities and protection under the law, regardless of race, religion, or other characteristics. Examples are the rights to vote, to a fair trial, to government services, and to a public education. In contrast to civil liberties, which are freedoms secured by placing restraints on government, civil rights are secured by positive government action, often in the form of legislation.." -

sacjon May 26, 2022 01:46 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

CHIP - "civil rights are non-negotiable," - OK, again, gun ownership is not a "civil right." Regardless though, are you truly saying the 2A is "non-negotiable?" If that's the case, why are citizens not allowed to purchase/own anti-aircraft cannons? Tanks? Nuclear weapons? Land mines? Answer? Because the 2A, just like the right to free speech, DOES have limitations and is not absolute. Your kind of thinking is what is murdering thousands of children a year in our country. It needs to stop.

Question for you gun lovers: How often are you in need of a gun? How many times has a gun saved your life from being taken by another person without a gun?

Chip of SB May 26, 2022 02:17 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

Im not advocating for doing nothing. However, taking away civil rights, or civil liberties as sac prefers to call them, will not make us safer. Oppressive governments have murdered hundreds of millions of people over the years, and widespread firearms ownership prevents that type of situation from occurring. Oppressive governments and armed populations never coexist. In addition, owning a firearm gives people the means to protect themselves and their families in the event of a disaster, civil unrest, and other dangers. Being armed is the opposite of being helpless in a dangerous situation. To your point Alex, this nation was built by the founders who used their firearms to overthrow the oppressive government of king George III, and the founders believed an armed populace was crucial to preserving liberty. They did something, they wrote the second amendment.

sacjon May 26, 2022 02:25 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

CHIP - I don't "prefer" to call them that, they're just not civil rights. You know, facts and such.

"widespread firearms ownership prevents that type of situation from occurring." - Are you seriously implying that the only reason America has never been overtaken by an "oppressive" government because some of us have guns? Hahaha! Wow, you are one of those. Gross. Hey, do you think the US Military can be defeated by you and your buddies? Do you guys have some battleships, fighter jets and tanks we don't know about? Good god that is hilarious.

dukemunson May 26, 2022 02:29 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

CHIP - But wouldn't you agree that it's good that you can't go out and buy grenades at your local store, rocket launchers, machine guns, etc? And considering how many crazy people there are, wouldn't you agree that at least somewhat more stringently limiting who can buy guns (and what they can buy) is a good thing? Again, we (virtually) all agree that limits to the weapons people can buy is a good we do limit the 2nd amendment. All things (and facts) the hell is it possible to buy an AR-15 three years before your first M Special Greatland??? How is that reasonable, logical or sane?


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