Cacique and Soledad Bridges Now Open

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Cacique and Soledad Bridges Now Open
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A ribbon-cutting ceremony took place last Thursday to celebrate the completion of the Cacique and Soledad Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridges and Corridor Improvements Project. The ceremony took place at the intersection of the two new bridges on the 1200 Block of Cacique Street.

This project creates significant pedestrian and bicycle connections to school and to work for the Eastside neighborhood. It also creates the City of Santa Barbara’s first bicycle boulevard. The City of Santa Barbara states the walking and biking experience will be dramatically improved for families headed to Franklin, Adelante, and Cleveland Elementary Schools. 

Finalized renovation of the bridge

The project was developed through an expansive community process on the Eastside known as the Eastside Transportation Management Plan. It included the replacement of the existing pedestrian bridge on Cacique Street with a Class I bike and pedestrian bridge, a new Class I bike and pedestrian bridge from Cacique Street to Soledad Street, 500 linear feet of new sidewalk on Soledad and Cacique Streets, new pedestrian and intersection lighting along Cacique Street from Alisos Street to Salinas Street and along Soledad Street from Cacique Street to Montecito Street, as well as enhanced storm water treatment. 

Footbridge before the renovation

The project has established a safe and enjoyable walking and biking experience along these Eastside corridors. Funding for this project was provided by the Active Transportation Program.

Watch a video about the bridges below:

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Luvaduck May 31, 2018 06:40 PM
Cacique and Soledad Bridges Now Open

It's really lovely! I hope the community sees that it gets the respect it deserves. No unsightly graffiti and litter, and safe for anyone at any hour.

PitMix May 31, 2018 01:19 PM
Cacique and Soledad Bridges Now Open

Unbelievable how much these things cost. The City got 8.6 million in 2014 to do 4 projects. Indy artcle says: 1. Lower Milpas Street & Calle Puerto Vallarta Sidewalk and Lighting: $1.097 millon 2. Montecito Street Bridge Replacement (adds a sidewalk): $3.442 million 3. Cacique/Soledad Streets Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridges and Lighting: $2.703 million 4. Las Positas Road Pathway (Environmental and Design Only) $1.372 million

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