Bucket Brigade Makes Masks, Saves Lives!

Bucket Brigade Makes Masks, Saves Lives! title=
Bucket Brigade Makes Masks, Saves Lives!
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The Bucket Brigade is launching an ongoing project, “Make Masks, Save Lives!”, to continue its work unleashing the power of community. We are making cloth masks for critical service workers and at-risk groups, to provide desperately needed protection from COVID 19 and make our entire community safer!

The goal is to add another 100+ volunteer mask makers to the 270+ already sewing, along with support volunteers delivering materials and picking up finished masks to take to the many who need them for protection. Our plan is to ramp up to production of 2500+ masks per week, to cover and protect as many 

Volunteers -- those who can sew, or who can support sewists with deliveries, packaging, and more --  can sign up here: https://sbbucketbrigade.org/make-masks-save-lives/

The Bucket Brigade will supply free materials, pick up the finished product, and then professionally wash and deliver masks to critical service heroes working to keep Santa Barbara County moving forward during the pandemic.

The Bucket Brigade has roles for all who want to support our community during the pandemic. Donations of materials and money are the critical underpinning of this life-saving effort, for more information on how to give click here.

“Make Masks, Save Lives!” masks offer protection for hospital, health, hospice, and residential care workers; front line public safety workers; the unhoused and their support staff; government and public health staff; and other groups with increased risk. Requests for masks can be submitted here.

Join the effort to Make Masks and Save Lives!

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