Brush Fire Off Fairview Exit

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By Tagdes

Vegetation fire on Highway 101 southbound near the Fairview exit.

County engines responding.

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tagdes Mar 31, 2023 03:41 PM
Brush Fire Off Fairview Exit

This call started with a missing indigenous named Feather and switched to the fire call.

BobScan Mar 31, 2023 04:12 PM
Brush Fire Off Fairview Exit

Good report, started by the railroad tracks and ended up in the trees. Possible homeless encampment, but has yet to be confirmed.
~Bob on the Scanner

SBLetsGetAlong Mar 31, 2023 06:19 PM
Brush Fire Off Fairview Exit

Yet another fire from a legal homeless encampment. Legal because the authorities continue to allow the encampments.
Meaning the government is liable for any damages & deaths since they allow the inherently dangerous activity of outdoor camp fires.
As we saw from the numerous fires but especially the fire that endangered the West Side & Mesa the government dies t guve two shits about the humanitarian crisis or tax payers or property rights.
The “ party of the people “. Not homeless, not tax payers, not property owners, do what people are they are a party of?
Themselves only. They haven’t done anything to help reduce the homeless and they continue to ignore property owner rights along with ignoring neighborhoods
Thank you City Council for being absent , just like Biden.

a-1680362954 Apr 01, 2023 08:29 AM
Brush Fire Off Fairview Exit

Had to get your jab in to Biden on a subject completely unrelated. You're just ranting. You need to change your Edhat name because you don't seem to want to "get along" with others.

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