Brush Fire in Lompoc

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Brush fire in a homeless camp is spreading in Lompoc near Laurel and 12th Street. Full county fire response.

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Roger Nov 02, 2019 05:47 PM
Brush Fire in Lompoc

Not sure if it's part of this one East of College and Riverside in the Riverbed.

Factotum Nov 02, 2019 06:16 PM
Brush Fire in Lompoc

Create a state reservation well away from locally developed, property tax paying residential populations. Anyone with out means to rent or buy zoning code approved housing, can go to the reservation and camp out. No problem creating work camps either - as long as they self-sufficient so they can recycle any profits from their work products.. State owned land exists that provides this state reservation for anyone who cannot provide for their own rent or purchase of their own housing. Mission accomplished. Remove these illegal camp and their extreme health and safety threats to the surrounding developed and taxpaying properties.

a-1572746182 Nov 02, 2019 06:56 PM
Brush Fire in Lompoc

These homeless camps are really becoming major fire incident sights all over the county. Hopefully, they can get shut down fast because we certainly do not need a major fire here like down in LA, Simi Valley or up north of Santa Rosa.

a-1572748726 Nov 02, 2019 07:38 PM
Brush Fire in Lompoc

The individual S.B. County cities & the S.B. County need to clear these fire-starting homeless camps "yesterday!"

a-1572791360 Nov 03, 2019 06:29 AM
Brush Fire in Lompoc

Just read the article about wildfire prevention and brush clearing in Lompoc area. Before this starts, they should spend some of this money clearing out the homeless camps already in the chapparal around the Village and in the riverbed. Everyone, to include the sheriffs and fire department, knows where they are. One small warming fire in certain conditions and we will lose many homes.

a-1572795349 Nov 03, 2019 07:35 AM
Brush Fire in Lompoc

To save big money, when will County identify acreage outside of towns for designated homeless camps? Add some toilets, showers, hose beds, locked storage sheds to create a space for each camper with or without a vehicle. It will never happen because too many benefit from grant money ‘to serve’ homeless. It’s a racket, a paycheck and pension. Therefore, problems will never end until new Politicians voted in.

a-1572795709 Nov 03, 2019 07:41 AM
Brush Fire in Lompoc

Fires are big business desired by politicians, as are homeless, to keep money rolling in employing many Californians. ‘Fires, fuel and fools’ was a series of informative articles by No-nonsense Congressional Candidate Andy Caldwell motivating me to support him. Stop future fires; change leadership.

Luvaduck Nov 03, 2019 02:15 PM
Brush Fire in Lompoc

I'll give you this much: It would be a great way to gather vagrants from all over the country. Who could resist living with mountain and ocean views and great weather in one of the highest land-value areas of the US? Might even be worth <becoming> homeless for at least in winter weather up north.

Factotum Nov 03, 2019 02:44 PM
Brush Fire in Lompoc

Remind me what Rep Salud Carbajal has done for this issue and how this rapid degradation of our community has happened on his watch. Salud pretends he cares about the "environment" but does nothing to let it get trashed right now right before our very eyes - every park, open space, RR tracks public building and downtown retail and tourist districts given over to vagrants. Fix it Salud, this is a national issue; not a local Santa Barbara matter to fix on our rapidly shrinking funds. Fix it Salud, or you are gone next November.

SBLetsGetAlong Nov 03, 2019 11:16 AM
Brush Fire in Lompoc

Housing first. The City/County has empty land and buildings, when are they going to step up and take charge? Why do the tax payers,individuals, need to figure this out?
But here are a few ideas to put Temporary shelters on empty land. Not in the a City or residential areas. What about

- 4400 Cathedral Oaks - N Side Cathedral Oaks across from government buildings - by Federated Sportsman’s Field (What is this?) Behind/next to County Education building
- 4501 Cathedral Oaks - Between Alpha Resource Center (Social Services) & County Rd & W of Alpha (land)
- Old Drive in theater on S Kellogg? off the 217?
- 96 N Glenn Annie between Los Caneros & Stokke (empty land)
- N side of Cathedral Oaks by the W Side of 154
- Via Gaitero Rd on East Side bottom of the 154- hiking trails E Side of 154

Factotum Nov 03, 2019 02:40 PM
Brush Fire in Lompoc

SBLetsgetalong, you provided no upper limits to your intended generosity with our tax dollars. Put some numbers on your plan, but first start with the numbers of shelter housing already provided in this community. Then explain why enough is never enough when you turn this city into a magnet institution for all other communities to target, like they are doing right now. No, this is no longer Santa Barbara's issue to solve. This belongs in every other community now; but not ours. Take your road show somewhere else who is currently providing zero subsidized sheltering.

SBLetsGetAlong Nov 03, 2019 11:19 AM
Brush Fire in Lompoc

The City/County have known for 40 years that housing first is the start.
They have known for decades there are not enough temporary shelters.
Hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of research have been done to ascertain why people do not have homes.

End result, there are still hundreds/thousands hiding in the bushes off rail road tracks, freeway Ramos, etc...

The average percentage of homeless is 1.5% of a population. County has 448,000 people. That’s 6,700 people without homes. The PIT, states it is not accurate as they do not go into the bushes and remote areas looking for people. So a “stable” PIT count is basically inaccurate and a false sense of “accomplishment”.

And placing people who can not afford to pay rent in expensive real estate areas does not make sense.

The humane thing to do is to provide them a bed or send them home to family if they are not from this area.

The City spends over $5 million/year in tax payer money supporting homeless. In addition to the Grants and charitable donations every year. The true expense is over $10 million/year.

Factor in that families are not able to use the public parks that our taxes pay for. Or that businesses cannot get patrons to come spend money in areas where there are numerous homeless people.

So who is benefiting from not helping the homeless? The homeless who have an average life expectancy of 56, who are left out in the cold subjected to drug dealers, violence, unsanitary living conditions? The tax payers? The landlords of empty store fronts?

Who benefits from just “getting along”?

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