Brush Fire Contained in Hope Ranch

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Update by edhat staff
October 24, 2017

Santa Barbara County fire crews responded to the 4500 block of Vieja Drive at 6:45 p.m. Monday for a report of a vegetation fire. Upon arrival they found 1/4 acre of thick brush on fire. The cause appeared to be a tree falling into a power pole, causing wires to arch, which started a fire underneath, said Fire Captain Dave Zaniboni.

The power lines were still energized when crews arrived as they waited for So Cal Edison to arrive and turn off the power. In the meantime, fire crews continued to hit the fire with water from a distance. 

Crews were then successfully able to keep the fire to 1/4 acre and mop up after So Cal Edison turned off the power in the area.

Reported by Roger the Scanner Guy
6:55 p.m., October 23, 2017

Report of a vegetation fire in the 4500 Block of Vieja Drive Santa Barbara.

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Roger Oct 23, 2017 07:08 PM
Brush Fire Contained in Hope Ranch

They have to access another property to get to the fire which is a small fire that looks to have been started by a tree into power lines.

Roger Oct 23, 2017 07:49 PM
Brush Fire Contained in Hope Ranch

There's a Code 20 Media contact on this haven't heard anything in a bit I know they are most likely still on scene as for now unless I hear more I'm Roger over and out.

a-1508814545 Oct 23, 2017 08:09 PM
Brush Fire Contained in Hope Ranch

Roger, I looked up Code 20, Acute Trauma case. Did someone get burned or electrocuted in this fire?

BillW Oct 23, 2017 09:26 PM
Brush Fire Contained in Hope Ranch

Roger, Thanks for keeping us informed this evening. We smelled smoke and heard the sirens nearby, but your notes helped us stay informed and calm.

For others, the county says: "The term 'Code 20' is a radio designation indicating that an incident is potentially newsworthy, arouses public interest, or causes public impact. A Code 20 alerts the media via text message and advises them of the nature, location, call-time, and any other significant facts about an incident.

a-1508856229 Oct 24, 2017 07:43 AM
Brush Fire Contained in Hope Ranch

neet little road for waking . you can get to more mesa. Enough growth to produce a firestorm.

a-1508867439 Oct 24, 2017 10:50 AM
Brush Fire Contained in Hope Ranch

I didn't get any alert from S.B. County awareandprepare, did anyone else in Hope Ranch or Hope Ranch Annex?

Roger Oct 24, 2017 12:06 PM
Brush Fire Contained in Hope Ranch

It was a small slow moving fire perhaps they did not think notifying others was necessary since it wasn't out of control.

a-1508881012 Oct 24, 2017 02:36 PM
Brush Fire Contained in Hope Ranch

The draught is how Mother Nature rids us of all the non-native plants and trees. I am never sad when a eucalyptus "bites the dust" because they are so dangerous. I visited Australia several years ago, so I definitely know what I am talking about.

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