Bond Bright Program Trains Visually Impaired Students for 5k

Bond Bright Program Trains Visually Impaired Students for 5k  title=
Bond Bright Program Trains Visually Impaired Students for 5k
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Source: Bond Fitness

It’s estimated that over 1.3 billion people live with some sort of vision impairment, many right here in our Santa Barbara community. Bond Fitness has partnered with the Santa Barbara Braille Institute, and for the past six weeks, members of Bond Fitness have been volunteering to help guide blind and visually impaired athletes to prepare them to run in the upcoming Nite Moves 5K.

“This has been an incredible experience for both these visually impaired athletes and our members,” said Bond Founder Stephen Stowe. “It has really been life-changing for many of us to recognize the challenges that others face everyday and how small acts of giving, sharing and supporting can not only empower someone, but make them feel supported and loved.”

Bond Fitness members have been meeting once every week and spending one to two hours guiding athletes of the Santa Barbara Braille Institute—all at different levels of fitness and capability—but each and every one excited to do their best in the upcoming 5K run.

Bond invites everyone in the Santa Barbara community to come support the Braille Athletes and Bond Members at Nite Moves 5K on Wednesday, June 26th at 6:30pm, at Leadbetter Beach.

For more information, please contact Bond Fitness at or (805) 845.6700

About the Santa Barbara Braille Institute
Braille Institute is a non-profit organization offering a broad range of free programs, classes and services serving thousands of students of all ages to empower themselves to live more enriching lives with blindness and vision loss. We serve the community from six centers and 220 community outreach locations throughout Southern California, and lead popular national programs like Braille Challenge and Cane Quest. Our staff and volunteers understand losing your vision can be scary, and we believe it is not the end of independence, but a new way of living.

About Bond Fitness
Voted Santa Barbara’s “Best Fitness Program” and “Best Health Club” 5 years in a row, Bond recognizes that working out alone is hard. And there are a lot of gyms and group classes that can be really judgmental, lacking the community support you need to make lasting life changes. Bond has created the first community-based group fitness program that supports and encourages anyone looking to feel better while getting fit. More at or call (805) 845.6700

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