Body Found on W. Carrillo Street

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By the edhat staff

Santa Barbara Police are investigating the death of a body that was found on W. Carrillo Street this week.

The unidentified female was found in the 300 block of W. Carrillo Street in downtown Santa Barbara on Tuesday evening.

Santa Barbara Police officers discovered the body near the creek close to the intersection of Castillo Street.

No further information has been released at this time.

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SBLetsGetAlong Apr 03, 2023 01:21 PM
Body Found on W. Carrillo Street

28% increase in homeless over the last decade.
Dr Carson arranged for Federal Lands to be used to build low income housing removing the red tape under Trump.
Newsom did nothing with this new land to build affordable housing on.
The answer is not one size fits all. There are homeless for a variety of reasons.
Our government only focuses on the minority of homeless which are people who have jobs & need interim housing. Because of the optics. Then they say how they created housing when in fact they haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg.
They do nothing for the mentally ill & drug addicts.
They do nothing about the urban camper.
They do nothing to enforce the laws on the books.
They don’t even open up public parking lots to use for safe parking. The D government apparently can keep oriole from sleeping in empty city parking lots but can’t keep homeless from setting up camp in front of a school or a family neighborhood. Why is that?
They do nothing to protect schools or neighborhoods.
The answer as Dr Carson & numerous other non Blue cities have don’t is to create legal encampments with facilities away from the populated areas for those with mental illnesses & drug addicts.
They do not have jobs, do not need to be in the City.
They need to be away from drugs & violence with a roof over their heads, showers, medical facilities etc….
There needs to be different areas for families, for mental illness & drug addicts sonthey can get regular help
Leaving them to roam the streets as free range homeless is not humanitarian to them or neighborhoods or businesses.
This bs from our govt on yet another “first time ever collaboration “ is a lie. There have been numerous reports & numerous “first time ever” with no progress in helping the homeless.
The Rs have a plan. And it’s not to get rid of the homeless but to actually help them get a roof & medical care
The D plan is to ignore them & allow neighborhoods & businesses to suffer
If you feel otherwise show me how they’ve reduced homeless in the last decade. They haven’t its increased.

sacjon Mar 31, 2023 10:03 PM
Body Found on W. Carrillo Street

Hey folks. A human being died. Stop with the petty snark, speculation and assholery. Have some decency for once.

a-1680324592 Mar 31, 2023 09:49 PM
Body Found on W. Carrillo Street

The headline makes it look like Edhat is using Chatbot to write their stories. “…death of a body…”

SBLetsGetAlong Mar 31, 2023 06:26 PM
Body Found on W. Carrillo Street

How about giving a description of the person verse “a body” Female, age ?, etc.
“Body” is ominous or trying to normalize dead people without next of kin that regularly occur.
But probably a homeless person which our local government has done nothing to help or reduce the population of roof challenged as evidenced by the 28% increase in homeless over the last decade. And don’t blame COVID you cowards.
And don’t blame Republicans, the Ds are & have been in control for a long time. Own up to your parties failures & lies.
The “party of the people” are not the party of tax payers, property owners, homeless, etc.
They are the party of the elite, evidenced by their donations from the rich & nit the workers who keep this city running.

Sassyseahorse Apr 02, 2023 08:47 AM
Body Found on W. Carrillo Street

This is a vile comment. She was not homeless. She was my colleagues mother. How about stop being a judgemental asshole for a minute and consider that she was a human being. A mother. A grandmother and a friend.

ChillinGrillin Mar 31, 2023 08:07 PM
Body Found on W. Carrillo Street

You had me in the first half, not gonna lie. You think the GOP would help the homeless somehow? Their main policy on the issue seems to be hating them and hoping they somehow leave. I can't tell, it's about as substantive as their forest fire (rake the forest) and climate change (pretend it doesn't exist) policies. You think the GOP represents the people? Billionaires donated $881 million to parties in last year's election. Out of the top 20, 14 gave only to Republicans. Both parties are influenced too much by money, but doing a Fox News populist bit is pretty rich given the solid numbers.

sacjon Mar 31, 2023 07:55 PM
Body Found on W. Carrillo Street

SBGETSALONG - wowzers. That's a lot of anger. Put down whatever it is firing you up and get some rest.

BobScan Mar 31, 2023 07:36 PM
Body Found on W. Carrillo Street

It's hard to provide details when they aren't available, but the rest of your comment was hard to understand.

a-1680330382 Mar 31, 2023 11:26 PM
Body Found on W. Carrillo Street

"SB Police officers responded shortly before 8 p.m. Tuesday to the 300 block of West Carrillo Street on a report of a body found, according to Sgt. Ethan Ragsdale. “Officers canvased the area and located a deceased adult female near the creek close to the 800 block of Castillo Street,” Ragsdale told Noozhawk."

As we edhat readers know, original calls are not always accurate as to place or event.

tagdes Mar 31, 2023 09:30 PM
Body Found on W. Carrillo Street

I agree with bicyclist. If it's near the creek it's likely at the commuter and 401 would be across the street and definitely not in the 300 block.

bicyclist Mar 31, 2023 05:15 PM
Body Found on W. Carrillo Street

Not sure how this wording works for the "300 block", as later it states: "near the creek close to the intersection of Castillo", so technically isn't that the "400 block"? assuming that "the creek" is Mission Creek, huge "Assumption"?

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