Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse

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By the edhat staff

Edhat readers share photos of Sunday night's blood moon and lunar eclipse. See them below.

By Stargazer Ron

The first total lunar eclipse of 2022, the Super Flower Blood Moon, arrived in Santa Barbara under clear skies and warm temperatures. It was a lovely spring evening as it rose just before 8:00pm in the East/Southeast. Totality began at 8:30pm with a maximum at 9:11pm and ended at 9:55pm. (scroll through the photos above)

By Beverly C.

Super Flower Blood Moon: May 15, 2022, total eclipse of the moon in Santa Barbara's night sky.

By Mahil Senathirajah

By Tagdes

Got a shot of the Blood Moon eclipse 2 minutes into it turning bright at the end. 500mm with my little Sony mirrorless.

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a-1652802727 May 17, 2022 08:52 AM
Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse

I really appreciate the astronomy and space station news, and glad to see some back at edhat. There used to be much more of reporting on the planetary motion stuff a number of years ago, and I've missed that subscriber's input.

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