Blessings at San Ysidro Ranch

Blessings at San Ysidro Ranch title=
Blessings at San Ysidro Ranch
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By John Palminteri of KEYT

Some divine uplifting took place at the historic San Ysidro Ranch Friday morning in Montecito.

The landmark location is coming back from major damages after the January 9 mudflow that impacted several classic cottages and some of the property near the adjacent creek which erupted with giant boulders, destructive water flows and a gas line fire in the storm.

In the debris,  the statue of San Ysidro Labrador was located in pieces.  It was reconstructed by an employee and placed in a prominent location by a colorful rose garden.   

Father Lawrence Seyer from nearby Our Lady of Mt. Carmel church visited the ranch resort for a small service with the statue now is in its place again. He blessed he site and the workers who gathered with red roses in hand.  The reflected on the Spanish farmer who became Saint Isador the laborer.


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