Bike Thief Caught on Camera

Bike Thief Caught on Camera title=
Bike Thief Caught on Camera
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By an edhat reader

A male young adult appearing to be in their 20's has stolen my son's 2018 Specialized Black mountain bike (29er size) with red trim from the front of our yard at 8:12 PM on Tuesday (11/19). My son rides this to school every day.

We're on Arroyo Ave across from SBCC. The suspect came and left from the east side of Arroyo, we caught him on video.

The suspect appears to be a white male in his 20's with a medium build, black hair, and a beard. He's wearing a black hoodie with a green shirt, khaki pants, and tennis shoes. 

Santa Barbara Police have been notified. 

Click here to view the video.

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a-1574274157 Nov 20, 2019 10:22 AM
Bike Thief Caught on Camera

I’ll share this with my bikey pal who has already helped reunite a couple stolen bikes with legit owners. Maybe he’ll spot the thief or other “new” owner riding around town. Have to ask: why store bike in yard?

martee Nov 20, 2019 11:28 AM
Bike Thief Caught on Camera

Thank you for your help. My son left the bike in front to open the garage door. The bike was on the other side of a wall next to the garage. When he opened the garage, the bike was gone.

oops Nov 20, 2019 01:19 PM
Bike Thief Caught on Camera

When my son had his bike stolen, I checked all the nearby local parks, schools etc.... in this case, where someone of that guys age is likely to be around. I took binoculars with me and eventually found my sons & 3 other stolen bikes locked to a tree in a park nearby. Good luck, sorry to hear of this.

a-1574280770 Nov 20, 2019 12:12 PM
Bike Thief Caught on Camera

This is awful. I'd assume it'd either be a SBCC student due to proximity or a transient who are also more prevalent nearby.

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