Bicycle Lane on Carrillo?

By Gizmo

Where is the bicycle lane on Carrillo under the 101 -After all the construction on the roadway on Carrillo under the 101 and San Andreas where is the bike line did they not get the message.



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  1. Underpasses are owned and managed by Caltrans. The projects you saw were City projects a few blocks away. Coordinating with Caltrans is all but impossible for small projects.
    This property ownership pattern is also why traffic is so awful on Carrillo at rush hour. Caltrans traffic lights do not sync with City lights.

  2. Why does a bike rider think that the people of the state should spend millions of dollars on providing him with a lane on every street/underpass/viaduct that exists. Share the burden. You can easily avoid this intersection/underpass. If not, get off your bicycle and walk with the pedestrians to the other side. Too much to ask?

    • Why do you think cyclists don’t pay taxes (general taxes and bonds are where most road maintenance funding comes from) for those same roads and expect a safe way to travel in return? Cyclists are homeowners, business owners, tax payers, and vehicle drivers too. Expecting a safe passage during construction is automatic for vehicles and pedestrians, seems easy to extend that to humans on bikes.

  3. Hundreds of cyclists each day ride under the freeway on Carrillo in each direction. I can see where a timid cyclist would be concerned about not having enough room to ride in that area, but the vast VAST majority of cyclists have not problems whatsoever. Anyone who is worried so much as to be afraid to ride on our streets possibly needs to stick to the bike paths along the beach, Las Positas, or the one that goes out to Goleta Beach. A scared rider is a danger to themselves and to those who drive past them. It’s like the child riding a bike for the first time without training wheels: all is good, they get a bit of speed, start getting nervous, tense up, handlebars start to wiggle, and then the fall/crash (forgetting about the brakes!). As someone mentioned, there are many ways to avoid the “scary, dangerous, and perilous” Carrillo underpass. Of course, it may take you a few minutes longer to take one of the many alternate routes where you’ll feel safer, so use them and we can all ride another day.

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