Best Cakes in Town?

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By an edhat reader

Who has the best cakes in the area.

I want to get a birthday cake for my wife.

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szq Oct 27, 2022 03:46 PM
Best Cakes in Town?

Hands down, Anderson's Bakery on State Street!

Gimli Oct 27, 2022 07:41 AM
Best Cakes in Town?

Many years back I got kicked out at a friend's wedding reception (by his bride) because I was woofing down a lot of their wedding cake. It was so delicious I just couldn't stop. I love cake!! I do recommend Andersen's Bakery and La Bella Rosa. If you want not too pricey of a cake go to Ralph's.

popcorn Oct 27, 2022 06:41 AM
Best Cakes in Town?

The Little Things Bakery near Vons on the Mesa has delicious cakes + they take pride in their beautiful creations.

SBSand Oct 27, 2022 05:38 AM
Best Cakes in Town?

I got a cake last year from La Bella Rosa and it was amazing, best Tres Leche cake I've ever tasted! It was also decorated beautifully

Hokey-Pokey Oct 26, 2022 07:36 PM
Best Cakes in Town?

I can't recommend Lilac's. While it's true they are gluten free, we purchased their berry cake. They said it was their most popular.

It was very little cake and a few fresh berries to a ton of whipped cream - it felt like eating whip cream with a tiny amount of the cake/berries. We like whip cream but...for the price and the hype it was appalling. It wasn't a cake.

We thought maybe we got a bad one and tried just a slice months later, it was the same.

They turn the cut cakes in the display counter so you can't see how little 'cake' you're getting.

Needless to say we were super bummed and won't be back.

Try Jeanines or Renaud's - local businesses that truly deliver a QUALITY product.

JoggerJoe Oct 26, 2022 07:20 PM
Best Cakes in Town?

I 2nd Ralph's but why make it yourself when they have an excellent bakery with cakes for $9.99!

ZeroHawk Oct 26, 2022 03:28 PM
Best Cakes in Town?

ralphs. go spend about $10 on the box and ingredients and whip one up.

ZeroHawk Oct 27, 2022 09:10 AM
Best Cakes in Town?

6 lazy people DV the post because they either can't read and follow instructions on a box and have no creativity, or are just lazy.
Lilac's cakes are dry.....very very dry. i work nearby.

LCP112233 Oct 26, 2022 12:26 PM
Best Cakes in Town?

Not in town, but Bodega Bakery in Buellton.

Babycakes Oct 26, 2022 12:07 PM
Best Cakes in Town?

My opinion and experience:
- Deux Bakery

Best value + good quality:
- Vons Montecito

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