Best 2020 Holiday Light Displays

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Update by edhat staff

Harley Hahn has released his annual "Santa barbara Holiday Lights Tour" route. 

The directions include downtown, westside, Portusello Hills, Las Positas, and the Hitchcock area.

The tour can be viewed at

By an edhat reader

Just curious if anyone knows where the best Christmas light displays are in the local area!

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STROBE Dec 09, 2020 11:06 AM
Best 2020 Holiday Light Displays

Portesuello Ave. on the Westside, and the Eastside generally has a lot of great lights. There is a house on East Quinientos Street that goes way out. If in Goleta, the Sanchwold light show is great. It's on Carlisle Way. You can find some cool holiday light drive maps online that mimic the trolleys.

ChaseECarpenter Dec 09, 2020 11:01 AM
Best 2020 Holiday Light Displays

Try 1209 East Quinientos, not sure if theyre doing it this year but in the past they put on an amazing radio music-synced light show for anyone driving by.

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