Bear Sightings in Montecito

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Bear Sightings in Montecito
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This story was originally published by the Montecito Journal and is reproduced here in partnership with Edhat.

By Nick Masuda of the Montecito Journal

Carlos, is that you?!

What appears to be a black bear was on search for some honey early Thursday morning, caught on camera by a Montecitan in their backyard.

Check out the video:

Check out the bear caught on camera in Montecito on Thursday

The appearance created quite the stir at both Montecito Union School, as well as Laguna Blanca’s Lower School, where a fence appears to have been simply in the bear’s way.

According to the Santa Barbara County’s Sheriff’s Office, U.S. Fish and Wildlife is conducting a search, which has seemingly not turned up our beloved Carlos The Bear.

“We just spoke to Fish and Wildlife and have returned to normal operating procedures as we have been advised that there is every indication the bear is now far from our campus,” said Anthony Ranii, the MUS superintendent. “We moved students inside in a modified lockdown as a precaution when we learned about the bear siting earlier today. The bear wasn’t on our campus or seen from our campus, but in an abundance of caution we moved forward with added precautions.

“Students and staff members performed admirable and we are back to business as usual. I would like to thank the Sheriff’s Office for responding and sending a team to investigate just to make sure we were safe.”

A fence in front of Laguna Blanca’s Lower School was partially destroyed, although it is not clear if Carlos the Bear was the culprit. (Photo by Nick Masuda)

While the bear might be finding some honey elsewhere, we are going to stick to our search, as messages into both USFW and Laguna Blanca hadn’t been returned by the publishing of this story.

Stay tuned for updates!

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chico berkeley Oct 01, 2021 11:22 AM
Bear Sightings in Montecito

My in-laws were camp hosts at Sequoia Nat'l park for years.
The bears would enjoy the weirdest things-One being dish washing soap.
They would lean back and drink it like a"bear sippin' sarsaparilla in the moonlight'.

Babycakes Oct 01, 2021 09:45 AM
Bear Sightings in Montecito

Thank goodness the people I know have stopped putting food out so they could get a photo. I did not see this myself, but they said they tried donuts, chips (Doritos), leftover burgers, and even Kandy Korn. They never got their photo. Maybe they should have put out live chickens.

biguglystick Oct 01, 2021 09:29 AM
Bear Sightings in Montecito

Please, people, don't panic! Yes, we live amongst wildlife. They were here before we were. It's EASY to coexist! Please don't feed wild animals, it only makes them unafraid of humans and puts them in danger. This bear will move along and be on his or her merry way if you just leave him or her alone. Thank you.

mtndriver Oct 01, 2021 07:36 AM
Bear Sightings in Montecito

There’s been a bear seen all the way from Romero Canyon to Mission Canyon, raiding chicken coops, the past couple of months.

AwareHuman Sep 30, 2021 04:33 PM
Bear Sightings in Montecito

I agree with the above statement. Water & food must be the reason for this bear to be so far from its comfort zone. I hope people leave a source for water far enough away from homes. Encroaching on their land has forced them to take risks. Don't bscare the children, teach them about bears & why they search near humans. They don't go into over the top panic mode in Canada when bear, or moose are in the area.

Minibeast Sep 30, 2021 04:27 PM
Bear Sightings in Montecito

Addendum: I love how the Crow is giving the alert. You hear that call in your yard, you know there's an intruder.

FondofSB Oct 01, 2021 02:11 PM
Bear Sightings in Montecito

Minibeast : They organize a pecking order and then they RESPECT it.
That is the way civilized humans also behave ...
Looks like you're unaware of that !

Minibeast Oct 01, 2021 09:54 AM
Bear Sightings in Montecito

FONDOFSB: Hahaha. Crows taking turn in line? Thanks for my morning laugh. In my yard if you're not "of the family" and particularly if you're younger and new to the rules of conduct and hierarchy, you will be chased about, "elbowed" out of the way, and sometimes even chased off in a lengthy sky attack Top Gun type fighter pilot display of dominance.

FondofSB Oct 01, 2021 08:43 AM
Bear Sightings in Montecito

Crows are also very sociable. They organize themselves when picking up food , take turns in line and don't fight with each other.

Channelfog Oct 01, 2021 06:38 AM
Bear Sightings in Montecito

Corvids are very smart, especially crows; they remember people and how they were treated by them. In a University crow banding process, the banded crows remembered who banded them and would swoop down to attack them. They also tell their buddies who the bad apples are, for back-up. To see if it was facial recognition, they wore a mask when banding the baby crows. Later, when students, male, female, tall or squat, wore the mask across campus, they were attacked. One student wore the mask upside down and a crow flew upside down to look before coming in cawing. I love that they used a Dick Cheney mask and kind of hoped that he would give an outdoor address on the campus.

Zenyatta19 Sep 30, 2021 06:36 PM
Bear Sightings in Montecito

The crows always know. They have an alert system that reaches far & wide.

Minibeast Sep 30, 2021 04:26 PM
Bear Sightings in Montecito

Never knew there was a "Laguna Blanca Lower School" located in Montecito. Dear Black Bear: Please stay away from human habitation. Go well; be safe.

SBTownie Sep 30, 2021 02:45 PM
Bear Sightings in Montecito

Poor thing. This is pretty far from the mountains. Laguna is really close to the freeway. This story actually makes me sad.

a-1633113518 Oct 01, 2021 11:38 AM
Bear Sightings in Montecito

Fret not, a black bear's natural habitat is many dozens of square miles. It is inevitable they will explore some human territory eventually in California.

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