Bear Sighting in North Goleta

Bear Sighting in North Goleta title=
Bear Sighting in North Goleta
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By Glenn B.

Bear sighting in Goleta North on October 1st at 5:30 a.m.

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sacjon Oct 03, 2022 01:36 PM
Bear Sighting in North Goleta

How cool! I feel bad for these animals coming here hungry and thirsty, only to get killed for trying to survive.

a-1664885800 Oct 04, 2022 05:16 AM
Bear Sighting in North Goleta

The light over the garage across the street is a prime example of over-lighting in residential neighborhoods.

Yes, wonderful video of the bear. May well be the same one killed on the 101.
And Macpuzl reported this:
"I was out in my driveway observing an asteroid occultation on Thursday morning at 2:30 AM when this bear (I assume) came walking up the street after killing and eating a neighbor's chickens about 45 minutes earlier. He wasn't hungry enough to eat me, so pretty much just ambled over to the opposite sidewalk and continued uphill. I called 911, they transferred me to Fire, and they notified Animal Control."

biguglystick Oct 04, 2022 11:50 AM
Bear Sighting in North Goleta

So Animal Control came and killed the bear??? That makes me soooo mad! UGH! NEVER call Animal Control! Leave the animal be and it will move on.

a-1665053714 Oct 06, 2022 03:55 AM
Bear Sighting in North Goleta

County Animal Control does not kill wild animals!!

They only respond if a small animal is already trapped, and they release them.
In case of a mountain lion or bear, they would respond to a report and contact Fish & Game.

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