Basins Clear Below Cave Fire Burn Area

Basins Clear Below Cave Fire Burn Area title=
Basins Clear Below Cave Fire Burn Area
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Photos: Public Works

By edhat staff

The Santa Barbara County Public Works Department worked overnight to clear watershed below the Cave Fire burn areas.

Crews worked in the San Roque and San Antonio basins until the rain arrived.

Photo: Rick Tomasini/Flood Control Maintenance Manager

As of 7:00 a.m. Wednesday, Public Works reports the San Antonio Creek Basin below the Cave Fire burn area and above Tucker’s Grove remains clean. Public Works will monitor upcoming storms and will maintain the basins should there be any debris.

San Antonio Creek Basin (Photo: Public Works)
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PitMix Nov 27, 2019 09:16 AM
Basins Clear Below Cave Fire Burn Area

I guess they don't have a maintenance schedule to do this on a regular basis? I hope they are not needed and the rains stay light.

oceandrew Nov 27, 2019 09:43 AM
Basins Clear Below Cave Fire Burn Area

You've heard of the deferred maintenance backlog haven't you? It's the result of forcing local govts to do more with less.

PitMix Nov 27, 2019 12:20 PM
Basins Clear Below Cave Fire Burn Area

Ocean, after the Montecito fiasco you'd think that cleaning out the debris basins would be a high priority task. If not, who is setting their priorities, the cannabis growers? My understanding is that LA cleans out their basins every year, they don't wait until a fire occurs and do it the night before the storm hits.

oceandrew Nov 27, 2019 01:13 PM
Basins Clear Below Cave Fire Burn Area

PIT, that doesn't change the fact that the funds aren't there to do all the maintenance projects that get deferred. If it was fully funded the maintenance needs would be met. It's quite simple in spite of how you spin it to defend decades of tax cuts that don't seem to help anyone except those that least need the help.

Factotum Nov 27, 2019 06:10 PM
Basins Clear Below Cave Fire Burn Area

There have been no tax cuts; just the opposite. It is allocation of existing revenues that has gone to personnel costs and not infrastructure maintenance. Peter Adam has been warning us for years. Employee unions really did a number to defeat Adam's ballot initiative to require at least status quo maintenance, but this was sabotaged by the employee unions.

B Town man Nov 27, 2019 04:30 PM
Basins Clear Below Cave Fire Burn Area

Still looks pretty stuffed up to me. When I was a kid I would hike or bike to that basin, it had much more capacity. No wonder the coast is losing the sandy beaches. It’s all filled up with the detritus that should be flowing to the ocean. I’ve been talking about this for years with all the silt/debris basins on the south coast.

Santa Barbara C... Nov 27, 2019 05:11 PM
Basins Clear Below Cave Fire Burn Area

Each year our County debris basins are maintained so that they are ready for winter storms. Our maintenance plan calls for us to make sure the basins are clear so water can flow through the creek while the debris stays in the basin. When we enter the basins after a fire, it is to clean them completely to the "line and grade." This means that we remove all vegetation in the basin. We have permits and funding for moments like this when there are about 30 hours between when the fire started and when the storm arrived. In addition to the basin work, we performed additional work like installing debris racks in creeks downhill from the basins.

We are thankful for the contractors who help with this work and to EdHat for highlighting it. Most of the information from this story came from social media posts. While I tagged Granite for the work at San Antonio Creek Basin, I was not aware of who was working on the San Roque Basin. Thank you to both Granite Construction, Lash Construction, and the other contractors and partners who work with us.

If anyone would like to learn more about our work, feel free to follow us on our social media accounts (Twitter: COSBPublicWorks, Facebook: CountyofSBPublicWorks, IG: SBCountyPublicWorks) or visit our website at Feel free to also contact me directly at or (805)568-3425.

a-1574933001 Nov 28, 2019 01:23 AM
Basins Clear Below Cave Fire Burn Area

Thank you for supplying facts to this discussion/complaint! (I had heard about the different rules for fast turnover; probably on KEYT.)

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