Bagpipe Tribute for Retiring Santa Ynez Teacher

Bagpipe Tribute for Retiring Santa Ynez Teacher title=
Bagpipe Tribute for Retiring Santa Ynez Teacher
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Linda Mayer is to the left (in black), the line leader is 3rd grader Scarlett Ollenberger

Source: Santa Ynez Valley Charter School

This week 3rd grade teacher Linda Mayer reflected on her last bike ride with her class: ‘I just realized how long I have been doing this ride with students. The cost of ice cream in 1995 was 50c for a big scoop and today an astounding $1.99 for a smaller scoop.’

It was Mrs. Mayer’s passion for the outdoors and alternative education that led her to start the Santa Ynez Valley Charter School 20 years ago this summer. Next week will be her final graduation and farewell to a school she has represented with passion, commitment and plenty of flair. Known for the 25 field trips she takes her students on each year, as well as her colorful classroom with its myriad lizards and fishes, Mrs. Mayer will take her students on one last trip today to the Santa Maria Mini Rodeo. 

Charter School Director Dr. John Dewey paid tribute to Mrs. Mayer: ‘Whether it’s project based learning, field trips, cooking, guest speakers, presentations, plays or puppet shows, Linda goes all out to make every learning experience the most fun, the most meaningful and the most incredible. So when Linda shared with me that she was retiring at the end of this year it took me a moment to take it in.’

Mrs. Mayer was one of a dedicated and determined group of teachers and parents who started the school with four classes and eighty students. Her vision was a school that promoted character development, outdoor experience, collaboration and hands-on learning. 

There is no suggestion that Mrs. Mayer will change gears in her retirement. Her energy and enthusiasm for life are going to see her as busy as ever with her catering business, family and volunteering. 

As a tribute to Mrs. Mayer the third grade will be accompanied back to class after lunch on Friday, May 31 by bagpiper Tom Strelich of the Santa Barbara Sheriff Pipe and Drum Corps.  

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Rto Jun 03, 2019 09:17 AM
Bagpipe Tribute for Retiring Santa Ynez Teacher

A-1559577527, I am the Chairman of the NON-PROFIT, SYVCS Board of Directors. Linda Mayer has been one of the cornerstones of the school since it was founded nearly 20 years ago. She remained because she was afforded a certain freedom and flexibility to teach her class as she wished. This likely would not have been possible in a different setting. As a charter school, SYVCS receives just over half the funds of other public schools and must adhere to the same requirements. The rest is made up of generous, tax-deductible parent and community contributions and volunteers. If you wish to learn more, contact me through the school.

a-1575748083 Jun 03, 2019 11:52 AM
Bagpipe Tribute for Retiring Santa Ynez Teacher

"Non-profit" is a meaningless claim in these circumstances as so many scandals involving Charter Schools have shown. Time and again the operators of these schemes take the money for themselves as salary or other expense. They underpay their teachers big time. They take big subsidies from the state (that is, you and me). They convince the parents that the school is better than public schools with some implicit bigotry. They accept motivated students and parents who would do well in any context then claim that their results are better than what is left at the public schools (unmotivated parents and unprepared students(. Charter schools are a scam by and large. A play at elitism and anti-employee and anti-public. So, RTO, I hope that you are an honest broker but you have to know that you are getting ahead on the backs of those you disadvantage.

a-1575748083 Jun 03, 2019 08:03 AM
Bagpipe Tribute for Retiring Santa Ynez Teacher

Congratulations to this wonderful teacher. Flicka, there are thousands of teachers just like Ms. Mayers out there. I applaud all of them and wish them a healthy end of the school year.

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