Back-to-school Fund Drive Aims to raise $60,000

Back-to-school Fund Drive Aims to raise $60,000 title=
Back-to-school Fund Drive Aims to raise $60,000
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SANTA BARBARA, California – As kids and teachers head back to in-person school after a challenging year of online learning, the non-profit Teacher’s Fund is aiming to raise at least $60,000 to help local educators get the tools and materials they need for their classrooms. To date, $47,000 has been raised with only $13,000 needed in the next two weeks to hit the goal of $60,000.

This year’s annual “Back to School” fundraising drive launched August 1 and runs through August 31. Similar to last year, fundraising will take place entirely online, given the ongoing pandemic risks. Individuals and organizations interested in donating to the drive can do so here.

To help the Teacher’s Fund reach its $60,000 goal, donors can choose to make a general contribution, or donate directly to the purchase of specific items, such as school supplies, computer headsets and art supplies. Donation options start at $10, and every contribution counts.

For each $50 donated toward supplies, donors will receive an entry into a drawing for one of numerous great prizes. Businesses or organizations interested in sponsoring the drive can do so starting at $250.

Absolutely all proceeds from the fund drive go to help Santa Barbara kindergarten through 12th grade teachers obtain educational supplies such as books, art materials and furniture items for their classrooms and students.

The Teacher's Fund was created in 2002 by the owners of the real estate firm Village Properties as a way for teachers to request much needed supplies for their classrooms. Since then, the Teacher's Fund has donated more than $1.7 million to Santa Barbara-area schools. Over the years, as schools have faced increasing budget constraints, the Teacher’s Fund has stepped up its fundraising to provide ever greater support for teachers.

• To donate to the Teacher's Fund Supplies Drive, visit between now and August 31.
• For more information or to donate directly to the Teacher's Fund visit
• For information about Village Properties visit

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