Baby Raccoon: SB Wildlife Care Network's Patient of the Week

Baby Raccoon: SB Wildlife Care Network's Patient of the Week title=
Baby Raccoon: SB Wildlife Care Network's Patient of the Week
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Source: Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network (SBWCN)

Patient: Baby Northern Raccoon Patient #3664
Status: Still in care

This baby raccoon was found all alone on Alta Vista Road in Santa Barbara. Concerned citizens watched for other raccoons, but none came, so they called Santa Barbara City Animal Control. Officer Deming from SBCAC rescued the raccoon and quickly brought her to the Wildlife Care Center. The baby raccoon was dehydrated and weak. She was far too young to be out on her own.  Mammal care staff gave her fluids and formula. 

The baby raccoon is about 6 weeks old. She is fed specialized raccoon formula 5 - 7 times per day by the Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network's Mammal Captain, Britt. She spends her days and nights in Britt's care. 

Raccoons are very social creatures that need to be with their own kind. Wildlife Care Network personnel hope to unite this baby with another raccoon around her age. They will be in contact with other wildlife rehabilitation centers in California to see if any other solo raccoons are in need of a companion with whom they can grow up. 

There are 13 other raccoons growing up at the Wildlife Care Center. They are a couple months older than the newest baby. The 13 enjoy meals of fruit, nuts, mice, eggs, and fish. Their enclosures are filled with small pools, swinging perches, and tree limbs that are designed to stimulate their bodies and minds. Staff and volunteers have very limited contact with the raccoons to prevent habituation. All are expected to be released to the wild later this year. You can support raccoon rehabilitation with a donation:

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