Attempted Burglary Near APS

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By an edhat reader

A homeless woman attempted burglary by breaking two windows and attempting to enter the front door, by breaking window next to front door, this morning around 8 am.

The homeowners were home at the time, in fear of her strength and grim determination as she shouted “Get the hell out of my f______ house!”

The police responded and apprehended her about a 1/4 of mile away on foot. They determined she was mentally ill with possible drug interaction. She was out on probation for the same in Lompoc. This happened on Eucalyptus Hill Rd in Santa Barbara.

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Shame Dec 16, 2020 08:35 AM
Attempted Burglary Near APS

For those with ring doorbells they know what goes on at night in this town. You would be shocked how many wandering thief’s roam into your yards.

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