Assault at Rescue Mission

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By Roger the Scanner Guy

Code 245pc: Assault with a Deadly Weapon at the Rescue Mission on Yanonali Street. The weapon used was a hammer. Police, Fire Department, and Medics are responding code 3 (lights and sirens).

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FondofSB Jun 16, 2021 10:07 AM
Assault at Rescue Mission

Defunding the police movements are very active in many parts of the country , yet mentioning them on EdHat is CENSURED. That is EdHat's version of "freedom of expression" !
The country is on a dangerous slope !

edney Jun 16, 2021 09:13 AM
Assault at Rescue Mission

Made me remember the homeless guy that used to roam SB wearing 4 overcoats and a helmet with a face shield.

Rypert Johnson Jun 18, 2021 06:00 AM
Assault at Rescue Mission

Roger, so sorry to hear that, not what I like to wake up to.

Rypert Johnson Jun 16, 2021 11:05 AM
Assault at Rescue Mission

BOSCO, I think it's the same guy that used to roam around Old Town Goleta a while back. He was cool, just wanted to be left alone, never bothered anyone, just did his thing, never even panhandled.
Rumor had it he was well cared for, but like said, rumor. He disappeared and has not been seen for quite some time. I hope he's alright and yes, he is one of those that needs the help.

bosco Jun 16, 2021 09:25 AM
Assault at Rescue Mission

I remember that guy. I realize now, that I haven't seem him in a while. He was a regular that would just chill on the sidewalk. He used to have a sign that said something about being kidnapped by terrorists or something. Aside from helmet, he actually looked fairly harmless and often seemed to be in a good mood. He's one of the locals I hope gets the support he needs. I wonder what happened to him. Anyone know his back story?

Rypert Johnson Jun 16, 2021 11:02 AM
Assault at Rescue Mission

LOLOLOL! Roger, you always give me a laugh! I bet whoever was on the receiving end got a doozie! Was it a ball peen or claw hammer? Asking for a Stanford grad student.

Roger Jun 16, 2021 06:04 AM
Assault at Rescue Mission

A hammer is now a common weapon used in fighting if you want to give someone a really bad headache...

ScannerAndrew Jun 15, 2021 07:47 PM
Assault at Rescue Mission

Went past the rescue mission, there were fire and medics there but it was probably unrelated to this assault

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