Anthony Nyman Romasanta

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Anthony (Tony) Romasanta, 53, of Santa Barbara, CA, tragically succumbed to his injuries on January 25, 2018, as a result of a head-on car collision on his way home from a ski trip in Mammoth on January 24, 2018, claiming the lives of both him and his fiancée, Sharon Vaughn.

Anthony was born May 10, 1964 to Antonio R. Romasanta and Birgit Nyman Romasanta in Santa Barbara. A Mother's Day surprise, twins, Anthony and David, completed the family of seven. His love for the ocean began as a baby, where you would find Anthony and his family on the sands of Hendry's Beach. His respect for nature and animals stemmed from his childhood days spent at the Botanical Gardens, the Natural History Museum, the Santa Barbara Zoo and the Santa Barbara Bird Refuge. Anthony attended local public schools, Kellogg and Vieja Valley Elementary, La Colina Jr. High and San Marcos High School.

Anthony began his career in real estate about 20 years ago, passionately pursuing his real estate agent and broker licenses, working hard while owning his own business, Romasanta Realty. Several years ago, Anthony joined one of his family's businesses, helping manage the Sandpiper Lodge.

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Channelfog Feb 11, 2018 01:18 PM
Anthony Nyman Romasanta

He was also a very talented and brave surfer who had the nerve to paddle out when it was so big that almost everyone stayed on the beach with their boards and watched.

a-1591521879 Feb 10, 2018 07:54 PM
Anthony Nyman Romasanta

Omg! This is terribly sad news. Tony is so Cool. I enjoyed working with him making deals. He was a happy man. All I can say for now is S.B. just lost another wonderful person.This is very sad.

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