Another Summerland Well to be Capped

Another Summerland Well to be Capped title=
Another Summerland Well to be Capped
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Source: Heal the Ocean

From July 21-25, a little over 2 weeks from now, Summerland’s Lookout Park and the beach below the park will be the staging area for heavy oil construction equipment to be used in capping Olsson 805, a beach well located on the west end of Summerland Beach. The California State Lands Commission posted a Public Notice about the temporary closure of Lookout Park and heavy equipment that will be used on the beach below.

All access to the Olsson well will be from land (no barge needed!) during low tide periods. The work will include 1) excavating the sand to expose the well; 2) driving pipe pile over the well into an impermeable cap rock to encapsulate the old well; 3) filling the space between the pipe pile and the well with cement which will act as a primary barrier to the migration of hydrocarbons, and 4) welding a steel plate on top of the pipe pile, which acts as a secondary barrier to oil migration.

Spill response equipment and trained personnel will be stationed in the Lookout Park parking lot during the operation as a precautionary measure.

On another note: Heal the Ocean has received inquiries about the horrendous amounts of oil and tar that have blown onto Summerland beach in the recent high winds. We want everyone to know that our Field Advisor Harry Rabin is working with State Lands contractors right now, to survey the area with drones and other sophisticated equipment, to pinpoint the source(s). The suspects are 3 wells on the former Treadwell Pier behind Treadwell #10, which was capped in 2020. Please click here for Harry Rabin’s diagram illustrating the focus points being studied. Please stay tuned for news we will pass on from the State Lands Commission regarding the next oil well to be capped – Duquesne 910 – scheduled for the end of this year, December 2021. In the meantime Harry Rabin and the SLC engineers, InterAct, will be working on getting at the source of the mystery oil and tar now on the beach – please stay tuned!

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Minibeast Jul 11, 2021 09:01 PM
Another Summerland Well to be Capped

"On another note: Heal the Ocean has received inquiries about the horrendous amounts of oil and tar that have blown onto Summerland beach in the recent high winds."-----------Airborne oil and tar . . . now that's one heck of a scary scenario.

PitMix Jul 12, 2021 11:55 AM
Another Summerland Well to be Capped

Tar floating on the surface is blown by the winds, just like those jellyfish with the sails. Pretty straightforward, actually.

dboy57 Jul 12, 2021 03:55 AM
Another Summerland Well to be Capped

I'm by no means a petro geologist, but it seems to me that recapping one or two wells in an area with so many old failing well caps is like trying to seal up a sieve!, with the pressure below trying to find a new escape path around the newly capped wellhead. Glad they are actually trying to do something about the problem though!.

pstarSR Jul 12, 2021 04:31 PM
Another Summerland Well to be Capped

so dont do anything till you can solve a geological nightmare that we created? yea...... they did that already for the last 60 years. "dont do a thing, its someone else's problem later....."

cap, and keep capping. the oil lived there peacefully till we drilled for it.

condorhiker Jul 12, 2021 10:48 AM
Another Summerland Well to be Capped

Big oil will only clean up after itself when government passes laws that require them to. And that will happen only when campaign finance laws are passed that preclude big oil from giving money to our elected representatives.

PitMix Jul 12, 2021 11:54 AM
Another Summerland Well to be Capped

So each time we have seen a big barge come to Summerland to work on the wells, they have only done 1 well? Seems very inefficient but if that's how the funding is coming then we have to live with it.

Channelfog Jul 12, 2021 01:40 PM
Another Summerland Well to be Capped

Glad for the capping of old wells. Land based wells are dangerous too. Many years back, a father and toddler were in their Summerland yard. The child went into the bushes after a ball and fell through rotten/hidden boards covering a 300' deep oil well bore. The child did not survive.

dboy57 Jul 12, 2021 03:43 PM
Another Summerland Well to be Capped

So again, and I'm not a petroleum geologist, just a guy reading this, (so maybe one can pipe in here), ha-ha!, wouldn't one newly installed land based drill rig pumping crude oil 24-7 out of the deep Summerland crude oil basin lower it's total pressure under ground, stop the leakage from all the leaking or soon to be leaking older or newer re- capped wellheads offshore, something that no amount of governmental or private donations is going to solve by just spending millions on senseless recapping?. I would think it would make some oil company proud, and really solve Summerland's beach oil seepage problem?. Just wondering....

pstarSR Jul 12, 2021 04:33 PM
Another Summerland Well to be Capped

there is a tremendous history to this site. pumping more oil out is not the answer. that would require equipment and risk to the area. this is to STOP and address the risks created from PAST poor choices.

I get your interest and applaud your comments. dont take my comments as an attack on them.

Channelfog Jul 13, 2021 02:48 AM
Another Summerland Well to be Capped

I suspect that the this fractured geology has always seeped oil and always will. The man made holes make it much worse. It would be like trying to drain a sponge with a plastic straw.

PitMix Jul 13, 2021 11:01 AM
Another Summerland Well to be Capped

You're assuming that there is ongoing excess pressure building up in the oil formation that needs to be relieved. With all of the historic pumping that went on, I doubt excess pressure exists unless they started to inject wastewater into the wells to keep the pressures high and make the oil easier to extract. Need to hear from an expert to know what is actually going on out there.....

ZeroHawk Jul 13, 2021 10:15 AM
Another Summerland Well to be Capped

The beach I spend my weekends at is just past this park. I've spent a total average of 5 hours each day on the weekends in the water there, with my kids and dog. The photos of that tar is from about 6 months ago before they capped the last leaking well. There has been no tar or oil in the water, on the sand, at the high tide line or on our feet or skin. In fact I've been free diving and snorkeling the past 4 weekends there, the water is warm and crystal clear and full of fish. I'm glad they are capping it, but i have not noticed any uptick in tar washing ashore. The beaches in summerland are the cleanest I've ever seen them. The harbor and west beach...not so much. East beach at mission creek and near the estuary too have gotten really bad and the water quality near those spots is horrendous. I don't swim or eat anything out of that water.

edney Jul 13, 2021 02:31 PM
Another Summerland Well to be Capped

From the looks of those old pictures, it seems that "big oil" was something no one really had a handle on.
I don't think anyone really knew much about the things we know now

edney Jul 13, 2021 02:53 PM
Another Summerland Well to be Capped

How do we know the oil was living there peacefully.
Maybe it was crying out to be released and the oil drillers simply were responding to the tortured pleas of oil held captive in the Monterey formation, squeezed by geologic forces too powerful to bear.
Maybe the oil was at war with the air, the friction and those forces were conspiring against the oil and trying to turn the oil into the Summerland version of the Hope Ranch Volcano, belching more fumes than diesel locomotives with bad injectors

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