Another F-18 Flyover?

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By an edhat reader

Did anyone else see or hear that flyover about 11:45 Tuesday morning.

It was loud and fast.

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greytfull Jan 26, 2023 08:53 AM
Another F-18 Flyover?

We were at On The Alley in the Camino Real Marketplace when everyone heard, then saw,
him put his foot in it, hit the afterburner, and go almost vertical.
Pretty thrilling. Everyone stunned and mouthing, "WOW". Spectacular.
Surprised there haven't been more complaints. Something we sure won't forget seeing.

GeneralTree Jan 25, 2023 01:31 PM
Another F-18 Flyover?

They are chasing UFO orbs - which use Santa Cruz Island as their home base.

OrvGull Jan 25, 2023 11:52 AM
Another F-18 Flyover?

It was a T-38 Talon training aircraft, according to ADS-B Exchange.

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