Another Cold Storm System Tuesday Through Thursday

By the City of Santa Barbara

The National Weather Service is projecting another rain event this week. Steady, mostly light rain is anticipated to roll in Tuesday afternoon to early Thursday, with less than an inch of rainfall projected. This upcoming storm is looking to be generally weaker than past storms of this winter, except for a slight chance of thunderstorms late Wednesday-Thursday.

Make sure you are registered for Ready SBC emergency alerts as conditions can change.

Evacuations are NOT being issued at this time. Public safety officials will continue to work together to further assess if any protective actions are necessary.

Emergency Orders

None at this time

Resources and Information:

Residents should take steps to prepare ahead of the storm.

If you are concerned that this storm may cause unsafe conditions to your home, leave the area before rain starts. Do not wait for an official evacuation notification to leave.

If you feel unsafe during the rainfall, shelter in place in your home by gathering your family and pets in the inner most room of your house, preferably on the top floor if you live in a multi-story home.

Do not attempt to drive at night or while it is raining, as roads may be damaged and your car may be swept away by moving water or debris.

Public safety officials are keeping a close eye on the incoming storm. Officials will continue to work together to further assess if emergency protective actions are necessary, such as an evacuation warning, evacuation order, or shelter in place.

Sandbag Information:

Get full details HERE.

Streets Reporting

Please contact the Public Works Streets division for clogged/blocked storm drains or streets related emergencies at (805) 564-5454.

Major road closure information: None at this time.

Winter Storm Shelter

For those needing shelter from the weather:

Road Safety Information

  • Be cautious while driving on wet and potentially hazardous roadways. Loose and falling rocks, minor landslides, flooded or damaged roadways, down trees and power lines are ongoing hazards countywide.
  • Do not attempt to drive while it is dark or raining as roads may be damaged and your car may be swept away by moving water or debris.

Storm Preparedness

Be prepared for the next few days by:

  • Signing up for emergency alerts at
  • Monitoring weather
  • Ensuring you have canned foods and water
  • Prepping for power outages

Precautions and tips to stay safe:

  • Excessive runoff may result in localized flooding of rivers, creeks, streams, and other low-lying and flood-prone locations. Those living in areas prone to flooding, and in or below recent burn areas should stay aware of changing conditions and be prepared to take protective actions, such as moving to high ground.
  • Be careful when driving through wet and potentially snowy road conditions. Roads may be slippery. Drive slowly and be careful. When possible avoid routes that may be impacted by winter weather.
  • Strong winds can cause power outages. Charge important electronic devices and be prepared in case an unannounced power outage occurs.
  • Secure belongings that could get impacted by strong winds such as outdoor furniture.
  • Take care of those who might not be aware of the cold weather hazard or be able to react accordingly – especially the elderly, young children, and pets.
  • Avoid areas and roadways that appear to be flooding.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and travel routes. Leave the area if you don’t feel safe and conditions permit safe travel.

Winter Weather Pet Safety

Some pets are especially vulnerable to the cold, including puppies, kittens, birds, reptiles, seniors, and pregnant pets. SBCAS offers the following tips on how to keep your pets safe during wintry weather HERE.

Sandbag Information


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