Amrit Joy

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Weed out the negative, plant the positive. Amrit Joy cultivated a life full of love, grace and beauty -- a kaleidoscope of people, nature, and art. And she encouraged everyone she encountered to do the same.

On September 7, 2019, Amrit Joy (born Joy Rochelle Gould on December 18, 1943) passed on peacefully at her beloved Carpinteria home. Her spirit and her energy will live on in our hearts, and we will forever be grateful for her presence in our lives. Amrit leaves behind her sister Elenor; sons Scott and James; daughter Alison; grandchildren Maddie and Jackson; nieces Alexa and Jordan; nephew Erik and many cousins, friends, and of course her beloved golden retriever Peanut Butter.

A writer, teacher and artist, Amrit touched the lives of many far and wide. And as a mother, grandmother, sister, friend, mentor and soul sister, her impact was deeply personal. If you knew Amrit, she loved you.

She believed holding an attitude of gratitude expands all the good things in life. When we realize how blessed we are, our lives become filled with blessings.

Amrit loved her family, friends, students and spiritual sisters. She loved her beautiful Carpinteria community and her kind neighbors. She loved her morning beach walks with friends that she met over the years. She loved laughing and her garden. She loved writing articles for the Coastal View News and sharing her ‘Hints for Healthy and Happy Living.’

For as long as she could remember, Amrit had a keen interest in the union of form and shape, look and feel. As an interior and textile designer in New York, every day Amrit used her instinctive abilities to read spaces, notice details, and create harmony. These skills flowed naturally into her becoming a certified yoga instructor in 1976.

The first time Amrit connected with the practice of yoga, she experienced deep peace and serenity. She was hooked. Out of her lifelong passion, she inspired so many to embrace a yogic lifestyle - whether or not you could successfully tame your ‘Monkey Mind,’ breathe deeply or touch your toes. Not big on formality, she was more of a ‘come as you are’ kind of yogi.

Amrit studied Hatha Yoga with Helene Vreeland and trained with Yogi Bhajan, who’s credited with bringing Kundalini yoga to the U.S. in 1969. She also studied with His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda Giri, a globally recognized Himalayan monk of the Vedic tradition.

Fueled by this great love for yoga, Amrit committed her life to guiding others into transforming their lives into ones of peace, contentment, and joy. In her words:
~ Be patient, gentle, and nurturing to yourself. ~ Remember to be happy, healthy, and holy. ~ Enjoy yoga. Enjoy your life. Namaste.

A celebration of Amrit’s life will be held on Saturday, December 7, 2019; 5:00PM at 1386 Limu Drive, Carpinteria. All are welcome! In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to the ASPCA

Sai Ram.

Namaste means: I honor the place in you where the divine dwells. When I am in that place in me and you are in that place in you, we are one.

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