Amazon Truck Rolls Over Near Old Mission

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Update by edhat staff

An Amazon delivery truck rolled over on Laguna Street near Old Mission Santa Barbara Tuesday afternoon.

At 1:40 p.m., Santa Barbara Police received a report of a single-vehicle rollover in the 2200 block of Laguna Street. 

Upon arrival, officers found an Amazon delivery van had been traveling west on Alameda Padre Serra (APS), stopped at the stop sign, then attempted to make a left turn heading eastbound on E. Los Olivos Street. 

The driver turned the van too wide and ended up striking a curb and protruding tree stump that caused the vehicle to roll over, said Santa Barbara Police Communications Sgt. Ethan Ragsdale.

There were no other vehicles involved and the driver was not injured. Traffic was blocked in the area for about an hour.

By Roger the Scanner Guy

Amazon truck rolled over near the Mission on the APS.

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bicyclist Jun 09, 2021 11:09 AM
Amazon Truck Rolls Over Near Old Mission

Saw this post as it started out. Was going to make a "Snarky" comment about the amount of "Rolls Overs", but. Then SA posted the excellent pictures (Thank you), but with the now "Updated" text. I'm not a physics major, this makes NO sense. As you can see in SA's pic showing the longer street view that shows the back of said STOP sign, IF the driver had stopped at that sign how could there have been enough speed that "ended up striking a curb and protruding tree stump" would cause it to tip/flip(to the left when physics would have implied that it should have been on the right side). Something is off here, not sure what? I wasn't there but it sure looks as if no stop was attempted.
BTW: Thank you Roger, & love how you ask questions that only you can answer. (Where is it?)
Keep it UP!

Gregoreo Jun 09, 2021 11:34 AM
Amazon Truck Rolls Over Near Old Mission

I thought the story was fishy but I looked at the google street view and there is a stump on the van’s right side, so he would’ve had to take the turn too wide to strike it, probably hitting the gas real good doing it

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