Alleged Stalker Arrested at Ariana Grande's Montecito Home

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By edhat staff

A 23-year-old man was arrested for stalking and burglarizing the Montecito home of pop superstar Ariana Grande.

On Sunday at 7:43 p.m., Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Deputies responded to the 200 block of Miramar Ave for a security alarm call.

"As a result of that call, [Deputies] arrested 23-year-old Aharon Brown for stalking (felony), burglary (felony), obstruction (misdemeanor), violation of a court order (misdemeanor), damaging power lines (felony) and tampering with fire alarm equipment (misdemeanor)," said Sheriff's Public Information Officer Raquel Zick to edhat.

Brown was also arrested in September 2021 after showing up at the singer's Los Angeles home with a large hunting knife and allegedly threatening Grande and her security team.

Following this incident the Los Angeles Superior Court granted a restraining order against Brown after Grande stated, “I am fearful, for my safety and the safety of my family,” reports Page Six.

Brown is being held without bail and the investigation remains ongoing.

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Babycakes Jun 30, 2022 10:27 AM
Alleged Stalker Arrested at Ariana Grande's Montecito Home

Let's hope this guy gets the help that he needs. He is just one of the hundreds of celebrity stalkers out there, many of whom are mentally ill (probably most of them are, but I don't know that for a fact....just guessing).

For those of you saying she has not talent, wellllllllll....she is an excellent entertainer who has made a couple-hundred million bucks with her "no talent." Many/many/many singers/actors/musicians/etc. who lack in talent make up for it by being entertaining. If you did not know who Bob Dylan was, you'd think his voice was one of the worst possible....but man can he entertain and write them songs with incredible lyrics with some lousy harmonica playing to boot. Neil Young sings out of tune. Gilbert Godfried (RIP)...he did quite well with whatever talent he had. Chevy Chase...not a funny person at all, made millions in comedy.

Does Eller's Donuts or Spudnuts allow Arianna Grande in their shops? (goooooogle search her antics where donuts are concerned)

ZeroHawk Jun 30, 2022 09:36 AM
Alleged Stalker Arrested at Ariana Grande's Montecito Home

Alex, i back up Toot. She has no talent. She's a mediocre vocalist. I Her type of music is all about the show, the production, the backup singers, shes been questioned about lip synching at a few concerts. She has one vocal range. Just because a ton of preteen girls and teen girls gush over her, doesn't mean she's "a great singer". She plays no instruments with any skill or talent. She uses tons of vocal effects. Just because others say she's great, doesn't make her great. I've been in bands, i've recorded CD's, i've toured with some really talented artists and composers. Not trying to argue with you, but have to counter your post. I just don't see one shred of skill or talent in any of her work. There are so many better vocalists out there, new and old. I guess if you're a teen girl and into disney and break up songs, have at it bud. Franky, Rob Lowe just recorded some songs at the studio we use and he is actually a better vocalist than she is and i almost peed myself laughing as i typed that.

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